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  1. vsiatr

    F1 2018 crashes

    There's no such setting in hardware_settings_config (complete file attached) Also (from the known issues) it seems that the game is not running in DX12 (in hardware_settings_info it says ...<graphics_card name="Radeon RX Vega" directx_version="11"...) and although I have MSI Afterburner installed, it is not running, so nothing from there too I do see though that the AMD application has a ton of settings for the card and also a special profile created for the specific game (after I installed it) that also contains game settings that might get injected to the config files or I don't know where... and somehow affect the display settings hardware_settings_config.xml
  2. vsiatr

    F1 2018 crashes

    Just installed F1 2018 on a windows PC with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134) Intel Core i7-950 @ 3.07GHz 8GB RAM MSI RX Vega 56 Air Boost (8GB OC) Game settings for display are the default ones First, it was crashing while loading a track (any track, from any area -career, time trial, circuit, etc.) and now it crashes right from the beginning -while still loading the game. Through Steam, I verified game files, have the latest game updates, even disabled cloud storage, but nothing...