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  1. MrGnashtastik

    Teammates at various teams?

    Mercedes-Hamilton Ferrari-Vettel Red Bull-Verstappen Renault-Ricciardo (Though this is the only one I'm not 100% sure about) Haas-Grosjean Racing Point-Perez McLaren-Norris Alfa Romeo-Raikkonen Toro Ross-Albon Williams-Russel
  2. MrGnashtastik

    Looking to join a Wednesday League.

    Xbox preferably
  3. MrGnashtastik

    Looking for beginners League

    I too would be interested in a newcomers league. I have a few assists on myself, didn't play too much online on 2018, getting into it on 2019 tho.
  4. MrGnashtastik

    Looking to join a Wednesday League.

    I'm a fair driver, very clean, almost got my A safety rating. I'm not the fastest but I'm relatively competitive. Picked up six podiums and a race win today on ranked. I'm always free Wednesday nights.
  5. MrGnashtastik

    Difficult settings

    Yeah, I picked Williams in hope that I would be starting 19/20 most of the time and really having to fight my way up the grid, but I'm like the fastest car in a straight line. Seems as if Alfa might be the worst on track. It says Williams are but Alfa always come last for me.
  6. MrGnashtastik

    3 year predictions

    Vettel will retire within 3 three years and Kimi will rejoin Ferrari. A man can hope.
  7. MrGnashtastik

    Would love some feedback

    Never knew Codemasters had an official forum, been looking for a dedicated forum to talk F1 for the longest time. I'm super hyped for the new game. Got the Legends Edition and thought to myself, you know what. I'm going to try a career mode. But I wanted to make it somewhat unique. Most people do it from the perspective of the driver, but for me I'm more about telling the story and drama on track. So I'm going to give it a go from the perspective of the commentator. So I put together this quick dramatic prelude to cover F2 and I'd love some feedback from proper F1 fans (you see my IRL friends couldn't give a damn about F1 which is sad). Would love to hear of some improvements I could make, I'm trying something different here 🙂