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  1. I did the exact same as you! I was with Honda but I wanted Mercedes and I was like where do I find this😂
  2. Does anyone know how you can actually change Engine? I’m currently end of my season one with Honda power but I want merc now, could anyone tell me how to change? Thanks
  3. I’m also the same! I haven’t received my pit coins yet either
  4. I got it sorted mate, cheers for you’re help tho
  5. I’ve pretty got the same as this, onto Canada gp and then I’ve got a “please wait” screen and boots me back to Xbox home screen
  6. I’m also stuck on “please wait” for my team career race then it kicks me off to home screen, would I need to remove my stuff as well?
  7. I’m stuck on loading into my Canadian GP atm, game loads up fine, go to my team and it kicks me off then when I’m about to race, practice was fine, qualy was fine but boots me off the race
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