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  1. I have had this problem multiple times now and so has my friend with whom I'm playing on the PS4. We have our own league, set on private and full qualifying. We experience no problem in Q1, but in Q2 I suddenly hear nothing but some bird sounds. This makes it impossible to get to a competitive lap time. We have seen this problem now 4 times in 9 races, in two different leagues. Anybody else have experienced this really annoying bug?
  2. Aljudifa

    10 Place Grid Penalty for a new gear box

    Well, I just got a 15 place grid penalty after I hit Russel in practice. But the notification I got said that I was only rewarded a 5 place grid penalty. I don't know, but it seems like some problems are present with the grid penalty system.
  3. Aljudifa

    Unrealistic Team Goal

    Ever since we have had the option to select a difficulty for the Team Goals in our contract negotiations, I've always selected the hardest goal. I have always tought these goals were quite good. Some a little more challenging than others, but never 'impossible'. But now, going in to the Chinese GP in my first season, they ask me to score 25 Drivers' Championship Points in two race weekends. That would mean that I would at least need one podium place to ever have a chance of achieving the goal. But, I am in a McLaren... How can they ever set a team goal that high? That is not a hard goal, that is a virtually impossible goal if you are driving on a challenging level and have to fight for every point. I don't mind if this happens only ones, but if I get more of these goals it would really be annoying, cause 600 RP are very welcome, certainly in the early stages of the season.
  4. Aljudifa

    10 Place Grid Penalty for a new gear box

    And you will have access to two different gearboxes throughout the season. One is the Practice Gearbox, which will be used during P1 and P2, and can be replaced at any given moment without ever having the risk of being awarded a grid penalty. The Event Gearbox, however, is used for P3, qualifying and the race. As Thundercats said: this can only be replaced after six races, otherwise you will get a penalty.
  5. Aljudifa

    Tyre wear scaling in qualifying needs to be removed

    But it is not realistic for 50% races either. It is just not as significant as for 25% races, but it is still bad. I do full qualifying and 50% races. In full qualifying, I have just as much time as the drivers in real life have, but my tyres wear twice as hard. So an out lap, fast lap en in lap in Bahrain cost me 18% of tyre life where it would normally only cost me 9% if I where to race at 100% distance. Now, I start my race with around 20% wear in my 50% race, but I would have had 10% wear in a 100% race. But percentages are applied to the total race length you are using, so there lies the problem. Let's say you can do 20 laps with the soft in a 100% race. That would mean you can use them for 10 laps in a 50% race. But I have got 20% wear, so that leaves me with 6 laps before my tyres are done (cause you don't drive with tyres more than 80% wear), but at 100% they only have 10% wear on a lifespan of 20 laps, so they can use their tyres for 14 laps. Now you should see the problem. They can go almost three times as far with their soft tyres, but they only race two times my distance.
  6. You are right, I meant to say 'majority' instead of 'minority'. I have edited it!
  7. I didn't say they claim to be faster, I said that if they claim to be casual, they would or should know that there are people that will be better. That was in a response to you're statement that there are more casual than sim racers. My point is: the majority of the total player population might be casual, but because they are casual they would or should not mind being a bit slower.
  8. But if someone claims to be casual, they should not be surprised that they aren't as fast as others who have put a lot of effort in getting better. If you want to be as good as the best, you have got to work for it. But then they would no longer be casual players, afcourse.
  9. Don't you think that is due to the game just been released and everyone (pro and noob) start on the same level. This should even itself out in a few weeks, I guess.
  10. Just my two cents on this topic: I have been playing this game on PS4 since F1 2016, first year I played with a pad, had ABS on, full TC, Full racing line and T-cam view. For 2017, I bought a wheel and near the end of the year, I was trying to drive without racing line. It was hard, cause I was so used to having a line. Last year, I was determined to not use the racing line. Not once have I used it, and I got the hang of it pretty quick. Since a month or two, I've completely shut down al assists, except for the proximity arrows (for making up not being able to look around or in the mirrors). I am struggling real hard, but I'm getting faster every day. I'm not racing to win, but to stay on the track for as many consecutive laps as possible. But I know, that if I keep trying, I will be a faster driver than I was with assists. And that makes it worth the effort. If I wouldn't gain any significance benefit, I don't think I would be able to keep pushing myself to try. Playing without assists isn't easy, but getting good at something never should be easy. Besides all mentioned above, it really is so much more fun without ABS, TC and Racing Line and with cockpit view and manual gears. Everybody should decide for themselfs how to play, but I can only say that I think it's worth your while.
  11. Aljudifa

    Official hud f1 rolex 2019

    I agree that having only information about the driver in front and driver behind is not enough. In a race, drivers use different strategies which can cause you to get mixed with cars you are not actually racing. As you get stuck behind such a car, you have no clue about the car you are actually racing, cause he might be 2 places or more away from you. That is only one example that supports my wish.