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  1. AtomPirat

    F1 2019 - Brake Input Display - unplayable

    Hey guys solved the issue for me You just need to remap all your Steering,Throttle and Brake Axis (delete the input buttons and remap them) and then in the Input Display just press Throttle and Brake to its max value. Now my Brakes working just fine from 1-100% like in all other sims. Dont know what the problem was.
  2. AtomPirat

    F1 2019 - Brake Input Display - unplayable

    your hardware is fine the game is having a massive brake deadzone 20-30% i would say. you can look in the calibration menu in f1 2019 and also on track you have to brake for 20-30% before anything happens. i have steam overlay turned off and running in fullscreen mode. the hud is correct.
  3. AtomPirat

    F1 2019 - Brake Input Display - unplayable

    Hi i have the same setup (Fanatec CSL Elite WHeelbase + Elite Pedals Loadcell) and im using firmware 328 but the brake is absolutely working fine if you look on your "Fanatec Wheel Property Page". I just need to touch the brake pedal around 1-2mm and you can see there is input. But in F1 2019 i need atleast 20-25% brake input before the ingame brakes start to work. Absolutely unplayable in F1 2018 i didnt had this problem.