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  1. Sorry for the delayed reply. I am happy to go Group A too?! Whatever keeps the participents happy 🙂
  2. @SkyRex Thank you for taking the time and effort, I really enjoy the league racing here! Great fun! As for Vehicle class, @UnderclassGDfan wants GroupB RWD, I have no complaints. Tbh I would be happy to open it to everyone and get a majority vote or something? Just so we can please more people!
  3. I see people talking about the sound glitch, if you are PC Steam, you can pause > alt tab > go and open up your sound settings > change your output device to something else breifly, and apply > Then simply change it back to what you had before, and bring the game back up! Should be fixed 🙂
  4. I nearly missed Sweden! Been dealing with some in real life things but managed to squeeze a run in. Really enjoying the league great fun to be part off! Thanks to the organisers for this. I look forward to Monte, GL HF to all runners 🙂
  5. Hello guys, I'm new here I hope you don't mind me taking part in the league! I really enjoyed it. Only recently discovered you guys, as I look to take part in more things! The run went ok, I will be using the VW Polo R5 for the season. Skuz187 is my Racenet i believe. GL HF!
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