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  1. kobtide

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    Meanwhile on xbox: still 1.03 😂
  2. Ok, just started the game up and it does the same thing again.. no error code, just straight back to home screen
  3. Oh good lord we have arrived. Apparently it’s fixed! Re-installed the game a third time. That’s going to be a ****** internet bill
  4. Now it’s loading for ever at least I’m not thrown out of the game anymore 😁
  5. Hi Faya, I have tried to reinstall it twice. It crashes after I press the menu button on the opening screen.. you can see it try to communicate with online services and then it jumps back to the home screen. *edit: I tried deleting the saved file that was created while the game was installing; afterwards I could create my driver. When I clicked save, it jumped to home screen again
  6. kobtide

    F1 2019 Issues / bugs Xbox One

    Issue for me is: it does not go further than ‘press the start button, then it brings me back to the main menu.. I did a lot of racing when the game was installing and when it got to 100% it just stopped..
  7. I have the same issue on my XBox.. took days off of work for this game... screw that