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  1. EtheHunter

    League progress not saving

    Have exactly same issue. I play a league with my pal who is just getting into the F1 (usually he plays forza etc) so he too has the odd spin or crash and in 2017 we could quit and start again but we did this last night and we too were put back to the start of practise. When we play inbalance out the speed difference between us by using harder tyres and running in lean so we have a ok race together but as he is still getting used to the game the odd restart is going to happen so why in this year we can’t restart from where we were is distracting to say the least. codemasters I agree can we go back to how it was. Sometimes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. 👍
  2. I’m confused. You release F1 2019 two months early yet it’s not anywhere near playable or finished. How and why can this happen? 500 threads of complaints on here covering every aspect of the game from graphics to playability to just parts that don’t work yet. Can u imagine buying a new Audi and being told “here’s your new car” but it’s only got three wheels, the fourth will be on a update in 3 weeks but take your car anyway. Also the steering doesn’t work and the brakes need working on before u can use them properly but here’s your car. Enjoy. Like ***! There is no product market anywhere that sells part finished products with the attitude of “give me the money but it doesn’t work”. Might as well go back to F1 2017 for a couple of month till u do your job right and 2019 gets somewhere close to being a working product. If I could get a refund I would. 😡😡😡
  3. EtheHunter

    Multiplayer unranked not saving progression [ZX]

    @FayaThanks so much. 👍👍👍👍
  4. EtheHunter

    Multiplayer unranked not saving progression [ZX]

    Helloooooooooo. Is anybody out there? Any help? 😊
  5. EtheHunter

    Multiplayer unranked not saving progression [ZX]

    Hi Steve jay, thanks for the response. So sounds like I’m doing it wrong. Basically I want to play an online championship with my friend and the rest of the grid is ai. In the multiplayer section I don’t see championships only weekly/league/ranked/unranked. So how do I set it up? Many thanks
  6. EtheHunter

    Multiplayer unranked not saving progression [ZX]

    Hi, I’m on Xbox one
  7. Hi all, so I’m trying to play F1 2019 in an unranked multiplayer session but after I finish the practise,qualy and race if I stop playing the next time I load my save it puts me back to the start (aus) and I have to make the whole lobby up again. Anyone else having this issue and know what’s going on. I’m playing with ai and one online friend but it’s not saving anything. We do two races (including practise and qualy) and saved it. Went back to play the next day and all is lost and we start from Australia again. any advise greatly appreciated