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  1. Tgpartymarty

    Save to unranked game mode

    😔 meh! 1.10 🙏
  2. Tgpartymarty

    Save to unranked game mode

    Has this been resolved yet? I refuse to play this game as it no longer has the only game mode me and my friends enjoyed playing. We liked having realistic cars so we could choose teams that represented our skill levels to help balance online out and make it fun for all. We are not all esports enthusiasts and dont want it rammed down our throats as the only choice. Its took all the fun out of the game and I just feel like I've wasted my money on this years edition along with my friends.we will not be playing again till this is resolved as there is no point. We are still baffled to why this was removed. Certainly wont be buying next years edition if it's the same the game is dead to me. We buy the game to play the sport we love and have fun. Not to all drive the same cars. I would have bought an f2 game is I wanted that. So will this simple feature be added back into the game??? Please just give us a simple answer, I know you dont like Interacting with the people that buy the game so i wont get my Hope's up.
  3. Tgpartymarty

    Save to unranked game mode

    Please re add a save option for unranked with realistic cars!! I know this has been ask for many times but we are not getting a reply!! How hard is it to add such a simple option that alot of people play this game for....will this be coming? This game is no fun with different skill level friends all with the same car..losing this option has ruined this game for alot of people. No wonder it's on sale already! We dont all want to play ranked and buy microtransactions for car skins etc.just play the sport we love they way it is in real life! If I wanted the cars all the same I would have bought an f2 game not an f1.
  4. Tgpartymarty

    Multiplayer unranked not saving progression [ZX]

    Has this been fixed yet?? Avoiding this game till they add it back. Should be a standard option instead of trying to force everyone Into league play. Definitely wont be buying again next year if this is resolved. That's what we bought it for this year and cant even do it so have not been playing it. No wonder it's on sale already. Just add save game to unranked!!!!!
  5. Tgpartymarty

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Will you be adding save game to unranked? You can see it's highly demanded. I dont know why they have taken the option out! We like playing realistic season with friends and that helps balance out skill levels. We cant play together now as the skill levels make it no fun and pointless.
  6. Tgpartymarty

    Multiplayer unranked not saving progression [ZX]

    It seems they dont care a out the casual players anymore and the ones that play with there friends for fun with the option to have different cars for different skill levels. Just means you will never be a le to level the playing field anymore. They have built the game around e-sports which is a big downside to the casual players out there. I hope they add a save game for unranked season or what's the point of it? No ones going to do a whole season in one sitting!!.