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  1. Kaelthebeast007

    Elite difficulty is brutal

    What has really helped me is before I start on a particular stage, I'll look and see what 10 stages I'll be doing, and then go to free trial and work my way up to top 50, once I'm really comfortable and consistent with my times then I'll go and do the career. So far I've won 1st in Argentina and Sweden, and currently I'm first place in Australia. The first few times I tried to start a career in elite, I thought it was far too difficult. But now it's suspiciously easy. I will say that I'm terrible at the RWD cars, only because I have yet to race one seriously yet. Regardless, elite difficulty is indeed beatable. In fact, I was surprised at how easy I was winning in the Sweden and Argentina stages because those are the 2 locations I'm not very good at. This is with a controller as well, since I'm too poor to buy a racing wheel.