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  1. SuliMeka

    F1 2020: Week One Update

    Can you make tyre wear least. Driven my team car at Canada on my first stint I went hard to go long for my second stint they wear off to quick. For controllers players you need fix accelerate the timing off and turning. Take to long to get up to speed and with turning does't turn in corners very well on the joystick feels heavy and it hurts my thumb. next fix is the weather the rain why is it I am the only one sliding at turn 10 at Paul Ricard why does't AI slide. On controller sliding very bad. I know it perfect for the wheel players but not for controllers. REMEMBER Codemaster very sensitive the L2 and R2 buttons are. And one thing no slipstream once again.
  2. SuliMeka

    F1 2020

    Codemasters you need fix F1 2020 controller players. One traction takes long to get up to speed and throttle takes long to get up speed. Two soft tyres wear off to quick, mid tyres wear off to quick also. the next thing to fix is to get to the corners a bit better like example China turn one to two and Three take along time get to the corners it was boring to races on. slipstream is to weak need to be strong again seem there no slipstream. ERS I found difficult to save in braking and shaft down gears on a controller pad. please Codemasters controllers players we have a hard playing this game if you don't fix the problem.