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  1. EURacingSeries

    European Racing Series [Tuesdays 19:00 BST] Looking for more drivers

    @smudger1982 just copy the whole invite link and paste it there. If it doesn't work, leave your discord tag here and we'll add you
  2. The European Racing Series, also knows as ERS, is looking for more drivers. Drivers with all skill levels are welcome as long as you're a clean racer and you can turn up at the given race time often. We are in our fifth season, and we run three tiers: Tier 1, where ABS and TC are disallowed (racing line is on, though), and Tier 2 and 3, where all assists except pit assist and braking assist are allowed. If you sign up now, you'll be placed higher on the reserve list, which will mean there will be a higher chance of you getting a seat in the races, or a full time race seat in the future. If you're a skilled driver and you don't use assists, you will even have a chance to get a full time seat right now! If you're looking to join, just join our discord using https://discord.gg/ZVW4S4k, and we'll guide you through our sign up process from there. We're looking forward to seeing you at the European Racing Series!