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  1. DirtDiver25

    What does FOM cars mean

    Just a quick question. As the title says. I'm just curious as to what it stands for, thanks.
  2. DirtDiver25

    Weather forecasts

    I just did the Chinese GP on my team career, 100% race length. The forecast showed partly cloudy then sunshine towards the end. About lap 25 it started to rain, switched to inters on lap 30, and the track went dry with about 15 laps to go.
  3. DirtDiver25

    What purpose does the radio "Car Status" even have?

    I usually get tire status when I ask for car status. When I ask for tire status, Jeff talks to me about tire wear. It would make more sense to get info about engine components, and front wing damage, brakes temp, etc. when asking about car status. Leave the tires info for “tire status”.
  4. DirtDiver25

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    I use the Volair Sim rig. Had to drill holes to place the base and wheel. The pre drill holes didn’t work for me. The buttons across the top I made myself, but just replaced them with the ones Fanatec now sells. I also have a buttkicker installed.
  5. DirtDiver25

    I had an engine failure!

    I know, I was referring to previous games.
  6. DirtDiver25

    I had an engine failure!

    It sucks that it happened to you, but I’m glad that it’s been implemented into the game for players as well, and not just the AI.
  7. DirtDiver25


    Reminds me of the Toyota Celica Rally car. Really nice.
  8. I have one, but I use it on PC. What exactly is it that you're trying to do? I know the dials, on PC at least, can only be used for fuel mix, and ERS (if I remember correctly).
  9. DirtDiver25

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    I do, but I have 3 monitors. So I guess my input is useless to you lol.
  10. DirtDiver25

    [Suggestion][Wet Weather] Please increase rain spray density

    Try driving in cockpit view then, you can't see a damn thing. You barely see the flashing red lights on the back of the cars.