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  1. Same. Both of my occurrences have happened before the British GP on season one.
  2. So this has happened twice already. After the race weekend, I’ve not gotten the Zainetto question answering bonus. The first time I answered 5/2 required, the second time it was 6/2 required. Both times did not get the bonus for it. I’m not going to file a proper report, since it’s a screen that shows at the very end, I’m unable to get the issue report code for it. I’m just wanting to know if anyone else has had this issue on their My Team save. edit: wrong sponsor name
  3. Gorilla ONE Racing Renault Powerplant Season 1 Difficulty 102, 100% race length. Team Color Values: Gold: 30, 130, 100 Red: 0, 240, 50 Black: black lol
  4. Reminds me of the Toyota Celica Rally car. Really nice.
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