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  1. I have one, but I use it on PC. What exactly is it that you're trying to do? I know the dials, on PC at least, can only be used for fuel mix, and ERS (if I remember correctly).
  2. If this needs to be moved, admin please go ahead. So i discovered this yesterday, which was my first time playing since 1.08 patch. I was doing the tyre management programme at the France GP. A couple of times I spun out, and the slider went towards the purple side, rather than the red side, and I got a perfect practice run. Like I said, if this is on the wrong spot, admin please move.
  3. DirtDiver25

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    Did you watch this year's Hockenheim race? Yeah, nothing even the slightest similar to that will ever happen in this game... Not even close. The AI is on rails and perfect, regardless the track condition.
  4. DirtDiver25

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    I do, but I have 3 monitors. So I guess my input is useless to you lol.
  5. DirtDiver25

    What sadistic ******* created Singapore?

    This and Monaco are my 2 least liked tracks.
  6. DirtDiver25

    Race start

    What's been helping me at the starts is turning my Mix to LOW. Since doing that, I've been doing a lot better at the starts. I turn it back up to RICH after 3rd gear.
  7. DirtDiver25

    [Suggestion][Wet Weather] Please increase rain spray density

    Try driving in cockpit view then, you can't see a damn thing. You barely see the flashing red lights on the back of the cars.
  8. DirtDiver25

    Fitting upgrades to pu components

    Once you get the upgrade, they are automatically added to the PU. Same for all the other departments. There's no need for you to add them.
  9. I wonder if @Faya gets annoyed when they get tagged on a negative post
  10. DirtDiver25

    Optimum tyre temps

    Awesome thanks. Now i just have to convert it and write it down since I use F not C lol. Still, thanks, I've looked everywhere online and couldn't get any of this info. Not even in Pirelli's site.
  11. DirtDiver25

    Optimum tyre temps

    Can anyone tell me the optimum tyre temps for each of the tyres, both dry and wet on career mode please.
  12. DirtDiver25

    'Lapped cars may overtake now'

    This hasn't happened to me in 2019 yet, but in 2018 I was allowed to unlap myself during a SC. Maybe it's a bug that happens sometimes.
  13. I completely agree. Its an even bigger issue for me when I decide to play online after playing career with the custom cars we have. I have to rush and do it before the race starts, sometimes running out of time.
  14. DirtDiver25

    New to F1 - Questions - Need Help

    Those F2 cars just don't handle well. It wont be an issue once you get to the last race (3rd) of the feeder series, nor the F1 part of the career.
  15. DirtDiver25

    FFB Less In Online

    I honestly think they were lying about it being in development for 2 years... I mean, it has to be a lie with all the issues the game has, and the carbon copy stuff from 2018's career mode.
  16. DirtDiver25

    Esteban Ocon

    So if Esteban Ocon does get a seat again after the summer break, how long you guys think we’ll wait until we get him back in the game?
  17. DirtDiver25

    Esteban Ocon

    That’s how I feel about it. Don’t see a reason why we would wait until 2020.
  18. DirtDiver25

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    I think the issue is that AI race as if they were on rails. They’ll lock up a bit, but that’s about it. Since 2018, I’ve never come across AI spinning out, or wrecking. It’s always just component failure. They’re too damn perfect. This needs to change, be more realistic.
  19. DirtDiver25

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    I’m guessing you’re on console. Customizable HUD positioning is available on PC.
  20. I started a new one. I even did the F2 prelude and I’m on 100% race length/practice/qual. It’s actually nice.
  21. DirtDiver25

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    - Stop giving us preset heads/faces. Take a note from the NBA2K series and let us create one from scratch. - If the multiplayer cars have sponsors, make it possible to place them on our race suits. - Place our country flag and name along the waistband of our career driver's suit. - Throw away the recycled interview questions. - Look at MotoGP 2019's custom helmet creator. Please for the love of all that is great!
  22. DirtDiver25

    Multiplayer Racing Suits

    I'm not a huge fan of the racing suits. I think they should've coded them so the sponsor logos on the car one is driving should appear on the suit. Then I'm sure people would be happy with the suits.
  23. DirtDiver25

    Gearbox management??

    You can't repair them, you can just switch them out. You're allowed to switch the race gearbox every 6 races, but if you do beforehand, you get a grid penalty. I believe it's a 10 spot grid penalty. All you can do, like Beast70 mentioned, is upgrade the durability.
  24. DirtDiver25

    game crashing.

    YES!!! Getting tired of this. For me it usually happens when transitioning from the One Shot Qualifier to the pre-race lobby, or from the end of the race back to the regular lobby. People are starting to do league races, would be nice not to encounter this at all.
  25. DirtDiver25

    Codemasters: Here's why I will NOT buy F1 2019

    Because apparently people that take sims a little more seriously want a magic mirror hovering in front of them.... riiiiight.