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  1. Virtual Reality. I know this quote is old and overused, but no VR support means I will not buy it.
  2. One of two: - Virtual mirror - VR Driving in cockpit mode is such a hindrance to your race awareness now 😕
  3. Leakim1991

    safety car

    I haven't seen it in seven 50% races, so dunno really. That being said, I've had no incidents warranting it either (which is actually a much bigger bummer...)
  4. Leakim1991

    G29 - game not playable

    EDIT: Wrong thread
  5. Leakim1991

    G29 - game not playable

    I had some really weird FFB, etc. in F1 2018 after having fired up Project Cars 2. Turns out that game writes into the controller registry values for the G29 and the Codemaster games doesn't really like that. I remember the fix suggested in this thread removed my problems at the time. Could be worth a try for you guys aswell. https://steamcommunity.com/app/737800/discussions/0/1733210552686272214/ (fix in first reply)