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  1. ndrst

    A.I. Tyre Strategy = YOKE

    Tyre Strategies are broken in 50% Races, too ! Monza : Hamilton and Bottas led the race. I was in 3rd with the Ferrari. Hamilton came in just on Lap 5 for a 2 Stopp Strategy (Soft - Soft - Mediums). I knew at this point that he would normally not win the race. Bottas came in on Lap 11 and took Hard compounds. I used Soft - Mediums. Very easy win for me. In 100% Races it´s acceptable.
  2. ndrst

    The most boring track on f1?

    Most boring tracks : Monza & Monaco
  3. ndrst

    A.I. stupidity and cold or warm tires

    1. ) I noticed it, too. I found out that driving above Pace Car Speed will solve this issue.
  4. I think we need a slider on this issue then. For me, the AI is way to slow on wet conditions.
  5. ndrst

    Full Length Qualifying Time Issues

    Never saw that. What i saw : In 18-Minute-Qualy i noticed that some (faster) AI-Qualy-Laptimes came out of nowhere after the Qualy was over. In the Laptime Table after the Qualy was over i saw all of a sudden that all AI Driver made 2 timed Laps during Qualy but only half of them were really on the track for their 2nd run. Conclusion : Even this year, the Qualy Simulation is buggy as hell. Many things there makes no sense, especially when i try to simulate the Qualy on fast simulation speed. The AI is always way faster on this Mode compared to Realtime Mode. My hope is Codemasters will fix this but i doubt it because this flaws were in 2016, 2017 and 2018 as well.
  6. ndrst

    Unrealistic simulation of quali

    Observations on 18-Minute-Qualy-Mode : 1.) I was on Pole as the time ran out in Qualy. Just before the end, maybe a tenth of second before the Loading Screen HAM & BOT both pushed me back to 3rd. Both were just on their Outlap as the Time runned out 2.) When i simulate on 15x Speed the AI-Laptimes in Qualy are constantly faster compared to simulate on 1x Speed. 3.) All AI-Drivers had 2 timed Qualy Runs at the end but just ~50% of them really did 2 timed Qualy Runs.
  7. As the Title said it all, i have huge stuttering lags in Turn 6 (Curve di Lesmo) in Monza on High Standard Ultra Settings (Dx11, V-Sync On, TAA, Flullscreen, 1920 x 1080). I tested Low Settings as well, same result. Specs : i7 4,0 Ghz, 16 GB RAM, GTX 1070, HDD
  8. ndrst

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    I really hope it, too.
  9. I´m running the Game on Windows 7 (Dx11) without any single problem on a Nvidia GPU. So, it´s wrong to say ALL PEOPLE on Windows 7 can't play the game.
  10. ndrst

    R&D System 2019

    I would prefer a 0-99 slider on this issue. 0 means "Very slow", 99 means "Very quick".
  11. ndrst

    F1 2019 Won't go over 30fps

    After i had installed the game, i had some similar problems. 1.) Game crashed after the intro - Solution : I have no idea. It works since a restart 2.) Couldn't get my pedals up to work - Solution : Unplugged from USB and plugged again and it works 3.) Weird FFB - Solution : Reduced the FFB Strength in the Options and increased the FFB on the Wheel 4.) Micro Stuttering - Solution : No idea, they were suddently gone. Maybe it had something to do with the FFB-Strength ? 5.) No Sound at all - Solution : Wrong Audio Device were selected in the Options by default. 6.) Unable to exit a session via pressing ESC or any other key - Solution : I deleted my custom Controller Profile for the Wheel and created a new one. It´s the same procedure as every year. At the start, it needs some work to solve some problems before i can play the game. To your problem : Do you have Nvidia Inspector installed ? If yes, please try to create a profile for F1 2019 on Nividia Default-Settings and try again F1 2019.
  12. ndrst

    AI Faster?

    AI is a little bit faster this year. Confirmed.
  13. ndrst

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Wait a moment....... Did i read it right ? Hamilton could lead the Championship mid Season by i.e. 30 pts and then he could decide to leave Mercedes and join to i.e. Williams ? And Vettel, i.e. trailing by 50 pts in the Championship could earn Hamiltons Cockpit mid season ? If this should happen in my Career i´m done with this Game. This would completely ruin everything for me.