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  1. ndrst

    Performance patch week

    Mercedes 1 second/lap ahead of everyone else (except Verstappen) ? I don't like it, but it's realistic. But what does that means for MyTeam/Career Mode ? The same, but i don't want it. I'm afraid of a realistic performance patch. So I don't need it. A performance patch would completely destroy the balance in the game. Not everything has to be very realistic. The fun of the game should not be forgotten.
  2. ndrst

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    I think the AI calculator is not very useful if you run with the following settings (using a Fanatec-Wheel) : - ABS Help - Full traction control - Automatic gears - ERS Help - DRS Help Here is a table I made using Grand Prix mode. In this mode I drove the Bottas-Mercedes and the Latifi-Williams. I made sure that my teammates Hamilton and Russell were on the same level of performance as me (+/- 0.2 seconds). The results are based on the Standard Setups (Default 2, Default 3 and Default 4) : Note : I don't like to race in Monaco and Singapore because i'm 52 years old and play on 100% race lengths. Monaco and Singapore are to heavy for me. So i skipped this Races. "Red" means : I skipped also this Races because i play with 16 Races in My-Team. As you can see it plays an enormous role with which driving aids you play.
  3. ndrst

    Practice programs time/level issues

    I think in the training programs "green" means that expectations have been met. "Purple" means that the expectations have been exceeded. So if you get "purple" in a training program you get points for something unexpected. Accordingly, you progress unexpectedly quickly in development. I am satisfied when I get "green". I don't need "purple" because I think it's unrealistic.
  4. How should you scale something like that? Should you make the Mercedes artificially 2 seconds faster per lap in 50% races, just so that it can overtake faster after a pit stop ? That's not realistic either. I think the core problem is the weak slipstream, but this problem is not easy to fix. If you were to increase the slipstream effect, then you would simply have to press the overtaking button and you would shoot past the vehicle in front like in Mario Kart. That is then again not realistic. The only way I can see is : The AI has to be more uncompromising when overtaking. But In that case, others will complain that the AI is ruthless.
  5. I drive 100% race length and the fast guys has no problems in my races. The reason is: When the fast guys changes their tires then they already has so much time advantage that they can no longer get stuck behind someone they should actually overtake quickly. It is the same in reality. These problems only occur at 25% or 50% race lengths, not 100% race length, and 100% race length is realistic. So it makes no sense to complain about a problem that occurs under unrealistic conditions (25%,50%). If you want realism then drive 100% race length and your problem is solved.
  6. ndrst

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    @JesseDeya. I think we should continue this discussion after the winter tests in 2022. So far, there are no signs that Mercedes' dominance could be broken in the foreseeable future. In any case, I don't think looking into the history of Formula 1 to be able to predict the future is expedient.
  7. ndrst


    That would be an idea. The only question is : How many players want to wait so long ? Or to put it another way: How many players will actually play MyTeam until 2022 and beyond ? I believe that the overwhelming majority of players play 3 seasons if they want to achieve their goals. In the first season they want to end up in the top 15. In the second season in the top 10 and in the third season they want to beat Mercedes and become world champions. After that, all goals are achieved and MyTeam gets boring. As far as I can see, the MyTeam mode is designed for just that. For 3, at most 4 seasons. After that, you build everything and the team is way ahead of everyone else. Then there is no reason to continue playing.
  8. ndrst

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    Maybe. Maybe not. The best engineers in motorsport work together every day at Mercedes to make the car better and better. The team also has the best structure and, as an overall package, also achieves the highest efficiency. There is not the slightest sign that this could change in the near future. Mercedes will become world champion for the seventh time in a row this season, and the probability is very low that another team could become world champion in 2021 because the possibilities are very limited technically to catch up until 2022 for the other teams. What will happen if the best team with the best engineers builds a car for the new rules in 2022 ? In the end the probability is high they will bring the next super car onto the track in 2022, which is then 2 seconds faster per lap than all other cars. The world has changed in all areas. The world has changed enormously in the past 20 years. Formula 1 is no longer what it was when Schumacher was still driving for Ferrari.
  9. ndrst

    F1 2020

    Negative. Everything is smooth and runs fine all the time @60 FPS i7 870 @2.93 Ghz (11 years old), 8 GB Ram (11 years old), GTX 1060 6GB, Windows 7 x64.
  10. ndrst


    I think such a performance patch will not be liked by many people if they experience that the Mercedes is 1-1.5 seconds faster per lap than everyone else. Not even if it is reality. It should also be considered here: What should it look like in the MyTeam career in vehicle development when Mercedes is so dominant right from the start ? Nobody has a chance to catch up with them except the player's team, of course. But is it fun to see Mercedes in front in the MyTeam career for 10 years and the only real competitor for them is our own team ? I do not think so. But that would happen with such a performance patch i believe. In a nutshell: realism is good, but too much realism can have a huge impact on fun.
  11. ndrst

    Monza track ugly

    Well, I think you're exaggerating a little now. A certain graphics standard should be expected in 2020 and beyond. However, it is not necessary to animate things that you would never notice while racing. Anyway, I think that only the people complain about the graphics who constantly fly their cars over the track limits and have everything else in mind instead of driving properly.
  12. ndrst

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    You're right. The only question is: With which team ? I think as long as Hamilton and Mercedes are married, nobody else becomes world champion except Hamilton. I am also afraid that in the next 10 years no other driver will become world champion who is not sitting in a Mercedes. This team is just so much better than everyone else. The dominance is getting bigger and bigger instead of getting smaller.
  13. ndrst

    Monza track ugly

    I race in F1 2020 and i am fully focused on the racetrack while racing. When I want to look at vegetation, I play golf. What I want to say is that gameplay is much more important than graphics. Great graphics are useless if the gameplay is worthless.
  14. ndrst

    Curiosity has the better of me

    And don't forget: The drivers of the steering wheel should be up to date. I have been looking for a solution for micro stutter (Lags) in F1 2019 for a long time, and only when I accidentally increased the force feedback did I realize that my steering wheel was the problem all the time. I had no problems with the steering, but the force feedback messed something up. After I updated the driver the lags were gone.
  15. ndrst

    Tyre Temperature

    I have no problems in Spain. This can be due to the assist settings I drive with. With these assist settings (i use a wheel)..... - ABS On - Full traction control - Automatic gear changes - DRS help - ERS help ...... I drive the same AI level in Spain as in Australia or Bahrain - 85.