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  1. EA pays over a billion dollars for Codemasters. The money must therefore come back in as quickly as possible, and that can only mean: You have to draw cards in the game. The more money you invest, the better cards you get. In an F1 game that can only mean: You get a better engine, front wing, rear wing, chassis, electronics, etc. when you draw as many cards as you can. The more cards you draw, the higher the chance that you will get a legendary component. If you don't invest additional money, you have significantly less chance of getting legendary components. What works for the FIFA series wil
  2. EA pays over a billion dollars. Of course, they want to have full control over Codemasters and the F1 series.
  3. I love it (on 100% Races). That's realistic compared to real life. I have also problems to overtake the AI, and that´s what i wanted for years. Perhaps it would be good if Codemasters would add a slider to reduce the dirty air and increase the slipstream effect for those who want to overtake more (including the AI). I want a realistic implementation of Formula 1. And Formula 1 means : Overtaking is the exception, not the rule. Many may not like that, but that's the way it is.
  4. Make sure that your car is the first car to set a competitive time in qualifying. If you've done that then there won't be any problems. I can't say that the AI is faster in qualifying than in the race, and I've already drove in at least 100 races in MyTeam mode (50% and 100% races).
  5. The last hope for a real F1 simulation is thus finally destroyed. A huge step in the wrong direction. I hate arcade games, and EA loves arcade games. Unfortunately we don't come together like that. The day I should draw cards for a better engine will never come. Never EA.
  6. I think the AI calculator is not very useful if you run with the following settings (using a Fanatec-Wheel) : - ABS Help - Full traction control - Automatic gears - ERS Help - DRS Help Here is a table I made using Grand Prix mode. In this mode I drove the Bottas-Mercedes and the Latifi-Williams. I made sure that my teammates Hamilton and Russell were on the same level of performance as me (+/- 0.2 seconds). The results are based on the Standard Setups (Default 2, Default 3 and Default 4) : Note : I don't like to race in Monaco and Singapore because i'm 52 year
  7. How should you scale something like that? Should you make the Mercedes artificially 2 seconds faster per lap in 50% races, just so that it can overtake faster after a pit stop ? That's not realistic either. I think the core problem is the weak slipstream, but this problem is not easy to fix. If you were to increase the slipstream effect, then you would simply have to press the overtaking button and you would shoot past the vehicle in front like in Mario Kart. That is then again not realistic. The only way I can see is : The AI has to be more uncompromising when overtaking. But In tha
  8. I drive 100% race length and the fast guys has no problems in my races. The reason is: When the fast guys changes their tires then they already has so much time advantage that they can no longer get stuck behind someone they should actually overtake quickly. It is the same in reality. These problems only occur at 25% or 50% race lengths, not 100% race length, and 100% race length is realistic. So it makes no sense to complain about a problem that occurs under unrealistic conditions (25%,50%). If you want realism then drive 100% race length and your problem is solved.
  9. ndrst


    I have the fun of my life with F1 2020. Never before have I had such a great experience with a racing game. The main reason for this is that the AI cannot simply be overtaken as soon as I am in the DRS window. I have to work hard to overtake the AI and that's exactly what I've always wanted. I experience F1 2020 exactly as I know Formula 1. Every driver has to work hard to overtake. I don't see any problems here. The "AI trains" are not a problem either, because when I drive 100% race length, everyone drives where they belong in terms of performance, just like in reality. A Hamilton
  10. "They hit the sweet spot" ! THIS is exactly what i think, too. I'm still excited about my last race in Barcelona. I drove 24 laps behind my teammate and had no chance to overtake him. This can be very frustrating for some, especially for those who want to overtake 5 cars in one lap by simply pressing the overtake button. But I think this is realistic for Formula 1. I hope Codemasters still sees it that way. If not, a slider would be optimal so that everyone can adjust the realism themselves.
  11. For the first time in my life (46 years old), I'm experiencing races I've always wanted against the AI. Races in which I am driving behind the AI for many laps and have to give everything to be able to overtake. I drive with ABS On, Full Traction Control, DRS Help On, ERS Help On, Fuelmanagement On and automatic gear change. This setup makes my car a kind of an AI car, but under human control. This way I achieve a competition in which everyone fights with the same means. The races that I experience thereby are just fantastic. I have to fight hard for every overtaking maneuver and every loss of
  12. In the first season I hadn't noticed any rumors. Suddenly in Mexico, in race #18, the intro came that there will be technical rule changes for the next season. Unfortunately, in the area in which I had invested the most - the Aerodynamics. Bad luck. Thank you very much for your answers guys.
  13. I wonder when the technical regulations change ? Does that change every season or is it just random? I'm not sure if I should save resource points or not. I am in season 2. In the 1st season, the technical regulations changed in the aerodynamic area and I had therefore lost some parts. I want to avoid this from happening to me again.
  14. I guess very few people play their career or MyTeam until season 5. I guess most people only play their career or MyTeam until the 3rd or 4th season and then they want to win the championship there. It seems to me that the MyTeam mode is exactly designed to win the championship after the 3rd or 4th season (depending on how meticulously you set the level of difficulty).
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