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  1. ObscureMindways6

    F1 2019 - Skill Rating system broken [SG]

    i just hope if they fixed this **** i will not loose my level and alll my stats im level GOLD 20 (LIKE 120) . So cross finger level 50 no achievement and the 10 race online no pop alot of thing online need to be fixed
  2. ObscureMindways6

    Gold rank multiplayer

    ok someone know how to level up fast , i try this for like over 100 race this week-end and i only do 274 pts and i win like 90 race.... sometime i finish 2nd and i loose 5pts
  3. ObscureMindways6

    2 Online Achievement won't UNLOCKED

    1.First Ten Down - Complete 10 races online 2.Reach Level 50 - Reach Level 50 XP dont know why those 2 achievement are not popping i got the one for level 25 and level 50 it stocked at 98% but i overpass 50 im now level 6 on Silver Badge so..... hope to fix this soon but dont reset the online stats please ... over 120 race online & 3000km (like you did in the past 2 years to fix the online achievement)