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  1. On race start, you hold the clutch in and on manual mode, it is meant to select gear 1. This is what it used to do and has done on all other games and has on this game up until the recent update. However, now on the start, I will engage the clutch but no gear is selected so upon lights out. I will have to change up a gear just to select 1st. I know there are different settings regarding manul with clutch which will change it so that this happens. However, manual is selected so this should not happen. Will this be fixed?
  2. Blandyy

    Safety car is still a mess

    Sorry I don't get either why codemasters can't update their model to the current, or even safety car of last year or even 2 years ago. It is no longer the amg gts it is the amg gtr!
  3. This is interesting for me since it says that the AI is enabled but it never is within the game. Just me and a mate on a track
  4. Blandyy

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I still can't seem to get the AI to pop up in the league mode what so ever. Even if the "Visible in standings" option is ticked or even F1 2019 cars
  5. My friends and myself are having to run DX11 due to still a large amount of crashes on DX12. I myself have a GTX 1080 as do my friends and some even 1080TI. Thank you for the patch and I understand that you are busy fixing bugs so thank you for your constant effort.
  6. Blandyy

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    How can you add AI as well into the 'online championship' or league. I tried with a mate last night and couldn't do so unless I kick him from the league and it replaces him with AI. Realistic cars would also be nice too for people who just want to do online championship with a friend EDIT: Upon further investigation. It would be nice to have the AI while using the F1 2019 cars. Not just the Multiplayer cars.