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  1. The manual addresses a lot of the things you brought up, first the car selection is a "generic" car list it's not meant to be for one game like you suggested to help people get an idea what IR they might need. for F1 2019, the only inputs you need to enter are wheelbase and track width. F1 2019 actually supports quite a few data channels more than games like ACC. I think F1 2019 supports more than 75% of the available data channels.
  2. We just posted our second video in our "Sim Racing Tuning Guide" this one is on track analysis.
  3. That's correct some of the games you cannot get and don't need the car params from. For F1 2019 you dont need gear ratios, IRs, tyre diameters. All you need are track widths (~1.6), Wheelbases (~3.6), and then whatever your springs "click" setting is and multiple by 100. If you join the discord I can walk you through it, there will be some videos to come.
  4. Yep we are currently working on the first update after release where we will include auto login, and a few other features that have been requested from our users. If you have any questions or comments please join our discord that way I can IM back and forth with you guys.
  5. Don't be to scared, I know it can be intimidating at first. but if you take it slowly and learn one graph at a time it's really not bad. We try out best to pump out training as well. For example attached is our manual which contains some theory (more to be added later). I also will be pumping out videos over the coming months. RST_Software_User_Manual.pdf
  6. I believe you can use it on consoles, however you have to run it on a PC. So if you have a PC you can run it on like a laptop.
  7. Thank you for your support! If you have any questions / comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the F1 functionality. Always looking for ways to improve it.
  8. No hard feelings here bud, I get where your coming from. I appreciate the help and suggestions and I'm sorry if i seemed dismissive but we have 3,000 active users from PC2Tuner, and we've been selling Tuning Software for over a year now so we get a lot of feedback on pricing/business philosophy almost everyday and a lot of them are contrasting ideas. Again we appreciate feedback, but when it comes to our business strategy that's unlikely to change. Now, if you want to talk about a feature you'd like us to implement or something in regards to functionality we are all ears, that's why this software has been as successful as it has been. While there are a lot of F1 telem apps like you mentioned none of them show the data in a meaningful way.
  9. A car is also a large investment, this is $15...........I see where your coming from, but trials create more issue with licensing than they resolve by increasing sales. The application is fully documented on what graphs are available, how to use the software, etc. There's really nothing you would get from "testing" that you wouldn't understand from reading about. There's no risk, if you don't feel comfortable don't have to buy it.
  10. If you do purchase a F1 2019 License, and it doesn't work on xbox contact me on the discord. I'll issue a refund no questions asked. And thank you for the kind words! The feedback we got on PC2Tuner was awesome, and we wanted to adopt it for other sims and display a lot more data!
  11. I believe so, I'm not sure though, I'll have to do some research. If your on console, do you know what port the data is exported out on?
  12. Awesome, we'd love to hear your feedback!
  13. Hey guys, I’m excited to announce the project my team (Racing Sim Tools) have been working on over the past couple of months is finally released! It’s called RST Software, it’s a Pr-Configured MoTeC replacement built with Sim Racers in mind. As an engineer I always found myself frustrated with the different telemetry options for sim racers. There are only two different solutions: 1) Basic telemetry applications that only shows raw data. While this is neat, you really need to prepare and display the data in a way that you can gain insights from to improve the car’s setup or your driving abilities. 2) MoTeC, while MoTeC is the industry standard and you can do very powerful things with it. You need to know what your doing, configuring your workspace takes some time, and you need to know the math behind the typical signals that you’d want to display. RST Software attempts to bridge these two solutions, RST Software collects data from the game, then runs the raw data through math signals typically used by engineers such as Roll & Pitch Gradients, Fourier Transforms, Traction Circles, Time Slip Graphs, etc. This way you don’t need to know the math you simply need to know how to interpret the graphs. The program has around 75 graphs, while most graphs relate to the setup of the car, there is also a tab devoted purely to driver development. If you'd like to find out more information on the application or learn about RacingSimTools be sure to check out. https://www.racingsimtools.com/software Some pictures of the software are shown below: