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  1. Joe90sw

    Still crashing!!! >:(

    Steve, I don't know if it was the vsync off or the uncapped frames but with those 2 things on (capped at 120fps) I have just done 3 online races. Thank you for your help.
  2. Joe90sw

    Still crashing!!! >:(

    Thank you for your help. I'll give it a go in a bit
  3. Joe90sw

    Still crashing!!! >:(

    Steve, my drivers are up to date and the machine is a top end one! I can't believe the game has regressed back to being unplayable. Has no one got a solution? So codemasters can take my money and then at any point make that purchase useless?
  4. Joe90sw

    Still crashing!!! >:(

    What have I paid for, a game I can't play at all??? Had this issue when the game first came out, sorted it and played it to death! Then uninstalled and recently reinstalled. I just want to play multiplayer games, well more then just a session. After EVERY session the game crashes. The steam overlay is NOT enabled, it has clearly saved previous preferences and settings so I don't understand why the game is now doing this again. "Code-masters" - you guys should change that second word!
  5. Why is this so difficult to find an answer to or for people to understand, I surely can't be the only person experiencing this... I have a thrustmaster t300 gt rs and I am really struggling with this game due to the ratio of steering. I find its around 2:1 ie I have to rotate twice as much as the on screen, with as you can imagine, is making this game either very difficult or very unrealistic. For example on a tight turn... Actually, most corners, I have to steer one handed, palm flat on the wheel to go past 180 degrees (unfortunately I can't dislocate my elbows to allow myself to hold with both hands while rotating the wheel a full 360 to get around hairpins), and this is totally ruining the game for me and there doesn't seem to be an.... In fact there doesn't seem to be many option for this wheel on PC and its also quite annoying that the key binding shows as if I'm using a keyboard layout and I have to check a piece of paper that I worked out what button is binded to what... Great for a £300 wheel!! Forget the binding issues, any advice on how to get a 1:1 ratio and make this game playable? Thanks
  6. So I got a wheel and peddles for this game so started career at 50% AI difficulty, came 16th in the first race (awful start but not good with the wheel). By the end of this race I had acclimatised to the wheel and the game, the next race I came 2nd with a damaged Toro Rosso!!! So I look to turn the difficulty up and can't find anywhere to do this and nothing on the net. So do I have to start a new career (and write off 7hours of play! Or) hope that I get the difficulty right from the off and I don't storm the field or struggle ridiculously for the season? Thanks