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  1. We have no intention of boosting but I take your point. They should not spoil the enjoyment by removing the friends invite option, it needs to be added back in. A bigger issue than boosting would be to deal with the loonies who charge you off the track at every opportunity. I am safety rated S and my mate A, we don’t do this and want to race fairly online with other players, but in the same lobby like last time out.
  2. Camsta01


    Very good idea and they surely could do something like this so that friend invites return. Taking them away is not a good thing so let’s hope common sense prevails and we get to race vs mates again.
  3. Camsta01

    Invite to Ranked lobbies?

    I could not believe it when I realised that they had taken away the option to invite friends to the lobby. It just takes away from the fun and excitement tbh because I’m sure many like us want to race vs mates in ranked multiplayer and be competitive of course as always. They need to bring it back ASAP.
  4. Well said RIP ranked lobbies! removing the option for us to be able to invite friends to race against online, bad move in my book and it has taken away a lot of the enjoyment from the last game where we could do this. I am loving the game otherwise so let’s just hope they add this back in to multiplayer, and quickly
  5. Camsta01


    I agree Crossy, it’s madness that you can no longer invite a friend to play in the same lobby as you in ranked multiplayer. This should be an option and by removing it codies have taken away a lot of enjoyment, let’s hope the add the feature soon!
  6. Camsta01

    Can't invite mates to ranked lobby

    I want the same truck. All me and a friend wanted to do was race against each other online in a ranked lobby. We are not cheats, just want to race against each other with other drivers like last year. They have taken the enjoyment of this away from fair racers who can no longer go up against friends, poor show imo.
  7. Camsta01

    Multiplayer Ranked

    I just wanted to race a friend in a lobby with other online players in ranked. We would have been just as competitive vs each other, as for letting each other win..no chance of that happening. I get that some would try to cheat but it’s online multiplayer and some will always spoil it for others. Bring back friend invites codies!
  8. Camsta01

    Multiplayer Ranked

    Where is the option to invite a friend. I want to play with a friend and we are a similar level and I can’t find the option to invite him to a lobby and vice versa. Surely this is possible.
  9. Hi Faya, When I loaded the game back up it wanted me to create a new driver profile. I didn’t do this, I gave it an hour and tried to play again. No issues at all, loaded the game up and everything is fine, very strange indeed. Since then all has been okay but clearly there is an issue that caused this to happen to us.
  10. I just got the same thing happen to me! I have posted as well. I was at level 17 and had 4500 points saved up and it appears that I have lost everything. Have you heard anything back from codies yet?
  11. I was kicked from the game after I had just finished a ranked online game, it went to a black screen after the race results for a few minutes and instead of returning to the lobby, it kicked me out of the game. I loaded it back up to get a corrupted save message, I try to recover but it fails. I am very unhappy because I was at level 17 with over 4,500 points saved up. I have never had this on any game before and my PS4 works fine. Can you please look in to this and see what can be done. The game is now asking me to create a new character and start from scratch! I have attached 2 photos for you.