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  1. Hi, Over the last month or so I've been coming back from Dirt Rally 2.0 to Dirt Rally to try & get the Delta Daily achievements, I've done maybe 10 max in that time with 3 or 4 beaten but I never get an achievement, Until now I presumed there wasn't one for those specific courses but last night I did yesterdays daily delta event at Col de Turini - Sprint en descente & after beating the delta time I looked it up in the Steam Achievements list & there is one, As it never gave the achievement last night I presumed it would give me the achievement this morning when the daily events update but it didn't so it brings in to question whether I've not been getting others I should of as well so can someone at Codemasters help with this please? I get the older ones can't be done as I don't even remember which they were but here's yesterdays result. I don't know what's broken exactly but can this be fixed so future Delta Daily achievements are given please, Cheers.
  2. nashathedog

    Benchmark tracks?

    Hi, For anyone that's interested after digging around in the files I found a reference to the name Texas, The layout is like USA in newer F1 titles but the scenery is very different, Here's a 2018/2019 side by side similar to the 2012/2019 visuals comparison I want to do (If we're not allowed to link vid's let me know & I'll delete it).
  3. nashathedog

    Benchmark tracks?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum & I'm only now getting around to playing the titles in the F1 series, I have a question regarding older F1 titles like 2012/2013, The thread title's self explanatory as I want to know the name of the track or tracks used in older benchmarks like 2012 & 2013 etc❓ Cheers. I look forward to meeting you all in my rear-view mirror on race day.