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  1. Unlike previous versions in Dirt Rally 2.0 the single player campaign is online only & as many are experiencing now being unable to connect to the servers means no single player campaign. In the future when servers are closed down to make way for newer titles the game dies & there's no good reason for doing this unless that's what you are doing it for, to force people on to newer titles.
  2. The in cockpit animations in Rallycross are awful, I don't want my man to be constantly fist bumping the air even when I've just had one of my worst stages ever. Animations clipping through solid objects is another mistake. I'd be a lot happier with no cockpit animations at all, just 1st person or external camera's only would be a lot better than the half arsed animations we currently see.
  3. 1. What platform you're playing on: PC Steam 2. What your PC setup/build is: Ryzen 2700x / 8gb RX480 / 16GB RAM / Win 10 pro (upto date) 3. Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user: Deluxe on release 4. Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected: Using Xbox controller XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Yesterday & today I've had a total of 6 audio bugs wreck my online daily events. Here it is in one of yesterdays events where it starts just after the 5 minutes mark, Yesterday the FWD H1 event in Argentina & todays
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