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  1. Whatevergg098

    Another day at Codemasters HQ...

    Thanks for the update! 1.09 is a good job. Finally it's a functional game among friends who prefer private championships. Update: Erm, yeah, so it was possible to restart qualifying or races by returning to the main menu and reloading your online championship. Yeah so it's impossible now. Could you add a voting option for restart actual event (either in qualifying or race stage)? If all votes yes, then restart goes. Addressed to the players: Am I a picky tiring ******* or are my requests valid and reasonable? Just started wondering here.
  2. Whatevergg098

    Another day at Codemasters HQ...

    Little update here to my beloved codemasters folks. We are using gdrive spreadsheets to record our season with my friends. Welcome to the 21st century of AAA games' multiplayer functionalities. Thanks Obama... khm..codemasters.
  3. Whatevergg098

    Another day at Codemasters HQ...

    Insights from yet another meeting: -Should we implement 2019 season's car performances so far? -Nah, *** it, 2018 data will be fine, they'll buy this ripoff anyway, we are the only f1 game on the market, so why should we bother?
  4. Whatevergg098

    Another day at Codemasters HQ...

    Oh and another joke to fix: Please add friend invite possibility to ranked matches. I mean, really? This is something I need to ask for in a highly multiplayer focused game in 2019, AFTER its release, on a platfrom where I pay 65 EUR/year to have the possibility for online functions (PS4)? I mean, is it really that surprising that we would want normal multiplayer functions? Sad part is, we are not asking anymore for 'advanced' or 'innovative' or 'greatly structured' multiplayer functions... We are just crying for simple, basic multiplayer functions and the game industry still manages to fail our very, very low expectations... Just sad.
  5. Whatevergg098

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Well, sorry, but it doesn't. BTW: https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/53-general-discussion/
  6. Whatevergg098

    Another day at Codemasters HQ...

    -Dear ladies and gents! Thank you for coming for this weekly meeting where we brainstorm about F1 2019 features before we start development. We already went through some items, let's discuss multiplayer. Any ideas? -We could implemet long awaited features that are suggested for years now from the community. Such as restricted cockpit view for championships, multiplayer career (basically online championships for 2-8 people with R&D implemented), restart function for races in online championships, etc. -Nah, screw them, let's remove online championships and replace it with an idiotic, non-sensical whatever and we gonna call it leagues. It's gonna be awesome because friends won't be able to normally play together, they won't be able to add AI cars, they won't be able to play with realistic cars a season, and on the whole it will be just useless. -Agreed -Let's do this -Great idea boss, you never lack good ideas. .... So yeah, thanks codemasters for removing online championships and replacing it with this league whatever. Great that I can't play private matches with my friends anymore, well done! (just in case anyone doesn't understand, I want to play a full season online with 3-4 friends where: -the rest are AIs -I can set AI difficulty on the well known 0-110 scale. What's this 0-100 scale in league anyway??? And what's the purpose if I can't add AI cars??????????? -I can set realistic cars) šŸ˜