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  1. Im running Win 7 on AMD CPU and GPU and get exactly the same issues as listed above - its not an Intel or an NVidia flaw specifically but a more general one
  2. Quizquiz

    F1 2019 EGO Dumper Crash

    Yep its a complete joke when its basicaly the same game as last year. I have refunded now, not going to wait around for a fix when i can get my money back
  3. Hi, just installed F1 2019 but it crashes every time I open it, doesn't even get to the home screen, just black-screen and nothing. Ive tried: 1) verifying the files on steam 2) updating drivers 3) running in safe mode 4) turning off all overlays in steam I still use windows 7, DX11, and and AMD R9 290 GPU. Any assistance would be great