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  1. Why is this not number 1 priority fix? Things like Stroll and Perez wearing the wrong gloves surely can wait yet they were in the 1.06 fix? Disappointed again to see this game breaking bug is still not getting fixed weeks after release.
  2. Anyone else disappointed to see only 6 available championships in the game this year? I really enjoyed doing these last year - particularly the ones with retro cars. Are they likely to add more at any point in the future?
  3. So now 1.05 is live, can we have an update on this? Is it now resolved and will be in the next update? Or are there more things being fixed before this issue?
  4. Also really disappointed with this response. The career mode is basically the entire game other than multiplayer and to have it so fundamentally broken to the point where you cant progress is very poor and should have been the number 1 item to fix in 1.05. This is the second year i bought F1 on launch only to find it has been rushed out full of errors. Unless this is fixed quickly i will be seriously considering whether to buy at full price again or whether to just pick up a used copy a few months down the line when the game has been properly tested and is actually working. The whole poin
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