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  1. Igbon


    Why is the wet weather so hard. My road car has more grip than these cars on thousand dollar wet weather special tires. It is a joke. The traction model was **** for a while in the dry but is pretty good now but not the wet. Do the programmers have any contact with the real world? No car slides like this, like it's ice, let alone specialist race cars. Check out a Wet weather motorbike race, they still lean way over because wet weather race tires are really really soft and do give a lot of grip. Not as much of course, but some. I am not talking about too much power or brakes, just sliding of so easily in bends and it keeps sliding long after any tire on earth would have found traction. And, why do three to five cars beat me to the first turn every time, even though I'm on pole. I tried with traction control on Medium, then on Maximum and still they beat me. Also without traction control, time and time again I try and they always are faster. Even when I am in a Ferrari. My reaction time can't be that bad every time because I do OK in dry weather. Plus it is as though they all have traction control. Any ideas?
  2. Igbon

    Game is much better

    Since the latest patch the game is good fun to play. There is good feel through the wheel as traction is lost and brakes lock up. It is now possible to catch a slide with quick counter steering which I couldn't do before. The overall amount of traction seems good. I made a few complaints before so I better say something positive when it is done right. It took a while before I worked out that I need to worry about engine wear and components and stuff but now I know. A comprehensive manual would be good but we all know that is not likely these days. I still wish neutral was a separate button but otherwise well done Codemasters for listening and making it better.
  3. Igbon

    Forced retirement/ ***!

    Thanks sloppysmusic you are correct I think. I don't know much about that side of the game and it seems difficult to find out, but anyway I looked into setup and stuff and it was worn out components. The handling model and feedback seems to have improved a lot since 1.09 which is good. Now I just need to work out all the details.
  4. This is ****. After wasting hours practising for Canada the stupid game forces a retirement after about 10 laps I tried three times or more. In traffic there was crash from behind that totalled the car somehow. Then I turned on some assists and got clear of all traffic and still the game forces a retirement with the car crashing in the middle of the track with no other car nearby. It pretended that I had crashed, Why? Why is scripted that sometimes you can't finish the race. I wasted all that time practising. So the car just stops, in the middle of the track and goes into black and whit with Jeff coming on and saying 'that looked like a bad one, tell me you're alright'. But nothing had happened. Whoever voices that Jeff moron must get punched in the face a lot. I think the visuals and sound and a lot of other stuff about this game is better than others but there is so much else wrong. It is like the developers has brain damage or something. Now I am reluctant to go on if it is going to force crashes that aren't there and bogus wear rates and the countless other problems that make it impossible to finish a race.
  5. DaleRossi. Thanks. The MOMO is just connected to itself, unless you mean the computer itself, there is no base. It's very old. I have had motorbikes all my life and you are correct false neutral is annoying and dangerous. I think it is less prevalent now that tolerances are better. Bikes have neutral between 1 and 2 so you can't bang down too far you have to carefully snick it in there. If you keep a good pressure on the selector and now with power shifters false neutrals are less. Fantec seem to be the best maybe I'll try one of them when I can get one
  6. It is just a game but it is also a simulator. Flicking down gears in the heat of an overtake or a brake lockup can overwhelm the timing and one can easily lose track. You can't see the wheel when looking for the apex and the wheel is often turned anyway. Finding false neutrals is a well known thing in racing that will always stuff you up. If it was easy to keep track they wouldn't have the numbers displayed and a gear change lighting system with audible beep. F1 cars have a neutral button, other sequential gearboxes have it between first and second that you can just pass through easily. I think it should be easy to code in seeing as there is a lot of code for gearbox variation anyway.
  7. A never ending series of complaints and now another one. Neutral is not selected by flippers or levers or anything going down down down. It is absolutely ridiculous that you can so easily accidentally select neutral and ruin the turn and the engine. REAL gearboxes are not like that. Absurd. One more absurd thing. But I keep trying.
  8. Igbon

    Game is STUPID

    Dear FTBuzzard, there is more than a subjective opinion, I had to put a heading but then I described some factual incidences that are stupid.
  9. My FFB wheel is not formally supported. I have very little feedback as is and zero feedback from brakes locking up. Would a better newer wheel, maybe direct drive, have better feedback or is my wheel ok, it's a MOMO but seeing how terrible the feed back and feel and handling is I was wondering if the wheel may be a problem? Is there a file to play with to get some decent feedback? Also, neutral? I bet a large sum of money that neutral is not one click below 1st gear in a real F1 car. Or any car. Certainly not in motorbikes, which have had sequential gearboxes for a long time. It is ridiculous to be able to shift to neutral inadvertently and lose drive and traction. Hitting neutral and stomping on the accelerator ruins the engine so it is not easy to do. Just one more wrong thing in the game. Again, is there a file somewhere to adjust these things?
  10. There is a never ending series of stupid issues ranging from regular crashes (software) regular crashes by AI drivers just smashing you off the rack. Right after being forced out of Monaco with a forced retirement and endless gear box issues now right away in practice in the wet at Canada, meaning low stress driving there are more gearbox issues. And this Jeff moron needs to punched in the face. Are there ways to deal with this. Should I RTFM? Oh! There is no ******* manual is there? What is the best way to complain about all this ****, it seriously detracts from the game. I would love to say it's a computer simulation but the relentless childish stupidity and lack of mouse selectability points to console GAMING. It might be more fun just to vent about stuff than attempt to have an impossible career, with gearbox issues every second drive. If there is a manual or a guide that I have missed that offers explanations and advice I will retract some criticism, otherwise, ****.
  11. Igbon

    Game is STUPID

    Just when I got used to the poor handling model another really stupid thing happened. I practised and practised for Monaco but in the actual race Jeff immediately says "take it easy" even though 2 seconds had gone buy and then the car stops or is crashed into EVERY time forcing a retirement. There was no way to finish the race. I tried many times. This Jeff moron is a pain in the ass telling you moronic **** at moronic times. I could have driven sedately around and still the car would blow up and Jeff would be shrieking "YOUR PUSHING TO HARD" He says that right at the beginning of qualifying too. Note to developers, the car is supposed to pushed hard in qualifying. So close to being a good game, let down by some ridiculous game play aspects.
  12. Igbon


    Traction is nothing like reality, No tyre on any car in any universe will slide sideways like these do. Especially at lowish speeds Losing traction from too much power is one thing, having the car then keep sliding sideways off the track over grass through the gravel is ridiculous. It should stop sliding on the track. No car in the world slides this easy let alone F1 tyres. It is much worse since 1.09. I have F1 2018, Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa, rFacror2, Dirt Rally 2 and reality to compare it to. It is ****.
  13. Igbon

    No Grip

    Has there been a reduction in overall grip since 1.09? There was already a ridiculously low amount specially at low speeds. No car in the known universe would slide sideways like these supposed F1 cars do. Just lose a bit of traction at 60 k and the thing will spin and slide off the track and keep sliding. If it was simulating an oily wet track it would be accurate, for a dry track it is absurd. Are there any hacks to help make it approach reality. Is this a consequence of focusing on arcade style controller 'play'?