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  1. iraderi

    DSQ from Tyre Change Master Thread

    this is my mid session save file with the issue My team save 1, mid session save file just before crossing start line and getting the warning. Two different tyre compounds used during the race (softs and mediums) remote.rar
  2. iraderi

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/rader1/ Steam PC
  3. iraderi

    fanatec flag leds

    Hello zappadoc, can you check DMs please?
  4. iraderi

    fanatec flag leds

    OMG this is awesome dude!
  5. iraderi

    fanatec flag leds

    Thank you for your response, Flag leds doesnt work natively on raceroom neither, so I will check it out with fanatec support. We will wait for the day when Marshal LEDs get full support. Thank you for your work, again. :D
  6. iraderi

    fanatec flag leds

    Hello zappadoc, nice to see you here! The first thing I installed when my f1 wheel arrived was your slimax manager software and all I can say is that I love your work behind all of this, I use it in every game I can lol. About my flag leds problem, I didn't think that my csl elite base would cause the problem, I will reach fanatec support. Just a question, as far as I know your software can only manage red led on 3 and 4, yellow on 2 and 5 and blue on 1 and 6 marshalls, but I would really want to configure led colours on each marshall I want to, so for example being able to set color of my choice on the marshall I want. Also, as these new wheels are RGB, it would really nice to set white or green led colour as well. Are you aware of this little things? It would be awesome to you to answer this question. Hope you reach my message! :D
  7. iraderi

    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    Working rev lights and flag indicators but flag leds dont work for me on PC. I have to run an external software to make them run. What's the point of your response? No fanatec device is working properly on your **** game
  8. iraderi

    fanatec flag leds

    upping thread
  9. iraderi

    fanatec flag leds

    Im playing on PC
  10. iraderi

    fanatec flag leds

    Hello, I'm having issues trying to turn on flag leds on the game. As far as I know these should turn on when yellow flag or pits but they don't. My drivers are up to date, Fanatec LEDS is enabled on telemetry settings and they work when running leds test. My wheel base is csl elite v1.1 + f1 2019 LE steering wheel, driver 336. I only could run leds with a 3rd party software. Any help?