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  1. The thing is, as I know it, or at least where I come from, companies that sell stuff have to advertise properly. The formula v2 wheel is on the compatible wheels list and it's not officially stated (unless you dig deep) that there is actually a limited compability. The least they could do is to state whether or not they are working on a solution with Microsoft or not. @Faya
  2. Good for you. In the meantime the Xbox players are left in the dark and codemasters don't even mention the Xbox players not having the support like the others.
  3. Why the hell is it that the players on Xbox are played so hard when it comes to fanatec. You buy a fricking 1200€ plus set to play on Xbox and most of the fancy buttons don't work. And there is no disclaimer whatsoever that xbox compability is (very) limited. I demand clarification if we're ever going to see the support for fanatec on Xbox and if it's going to be anytime soon. If it's beeing tried to be achieved I would like to know if Microsoft has been involved on this and if so what is the status of that?! Also, it's very crude to post patch notes and get people hyped instead of just putting 'not for Xbox' in brackets behind it. @Faya I would very much like to read what your company has to say about this. And I think it is more than fair to have a short statement on the things above.
  4. @Faya Hi, thanks for the reply! Yes, in fact I have. I was already thinking if it could be related to continuing the race after shutting down the game. What I wonder however, if it is related to this, how come that the actually replay of the whole 100% race is available and the game doesn't create the highlights bit out of that. If this isn't a bug it would be awesome if you guys could do a quick little post explaining under which conditions the highlights are available and when they aren't. I really need these highlights to send them over to my dad because he likes watching them lol. Thanks!
  5. I went home to check if the highlights were at least saved in the main menus section for that but they are not even in that section. So clearly something is going wrong here! Codemasters please...
  6. Well... I'll check if the highlights are there once I'm home. But as a matter of fact every single YouTuber has the 'view highlights' option at the end of the race on the left hand side. So there still is a problem which I'd like to have solved or at least explained by the devs. The red encircled option in the Screenshot from one of aaravas videos simply isn't there for me.
  7. Well... You're lucky that you get Race Highlights at all. I don't.
  8. Hey guys! I'm a little confused and annoyed since I'm not getting that shiny new Race Highlights feature after any of the sessions, not in FPs, not in Q1-3 and not even after the race itself. I'm playing through the career mode and just completed the Bahrain GP (In my career I do the 100% races). However I have never ever been shown the option to have the Race Highlights play. The given options after the end of the session are: - Advance - View Replay - Standings - Race Director - Restart Session View Highlights however is missing completely. Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Are there some circumstances that will deactivate the Highlights for sessions? I'm desperate for help. Thanks for the help in advance Kreye p.s. I'm on Xbox One X