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  1. My expectations were low but holy f... I'm so disappointed by codemasters. I will never again buy a codemasters game on release for the full price. When I buy the official game of a F1 season I expect official tracks and car Performance of that season not a half baked pre-alpha version with broken online Matchmaking
  2. - Performance Patch - Option to turn off mid season transfers - Online Matchmaking Fix If they don't deliver those things quick I could lose interest in the game and get sucked in Fifa 22 or Battlefield 2042 or both and I have only so much time to play video games and I won't play an unfinished game when there are other options
  3. I would absolutely love that. I can't find any motivation in winning a championship with a generic avatar
  4. In terms of online matchmaking, nothing has changed. If I join a ranked lobby I can watch the current race until the end and then instead of staying in that lobby and drive the next race I get kicked out. If I'm lucky I join a lobby where the race hasn't started yet so I can actually drive a race. But those are rare. And I still get the occasional game freeze or error code while trying to find a lobby. (XBOX Series X)
  5. Have fun guys. Guess I have to deal with broken matchmaking on xbox for another week.
  6. I wanted to drive the weekly event (25% race Hungary) First everything was fine, but 2 minutes within the race the host changed and I got kicked out of the lobby with Error Code WS10004 Xbox Series X, wired, IPv4 & IPv6, NAT type: open
  7. It annoys me in MyTeam/Career Mode because I can't see how much money & ressource points I have. White letters on white background is hard to read.
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