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  1. Raketenbohne95


    50% distance
  2. Raketenbohne95


    Even in the first season and without spending points for durability upgrades I don’t have any problems with my components. Especially at the end of an season I switch my components back and forth between almost every session
  3. Raketenbohne95

    F1 2019 - What is a Featured Event ?

    The german version of the achievement „Featured Racer“ says „Schließe ein Haupt-Event ab“ which means „complete a main event“
  4. Raketenbohne95

    Rivals R&D pace is too fast

    Only 6th best car and you win every race?
  5. Raketenbohne95

    error HO163.8803. and i CANT play [ZX]

    Same here on Xbox. Started the weekly event race. After ~ 30 seconds into the race I got kicked out of the race and the same errorcode appeared.
  6. Raketenbohne95

    Possible Baku Tyre Practice Program Issue

    95% on throttle differential and complaining about tyre wear 😂
  7. Raketenbohne95

    Didn't get the "Around the World Trophy" on PS4 [ZX]

    @RaymondSmits i had the same problem on Xbox. A few days later I tried again and suddenly it worked. Although I had already set a valid round on every track, the achievement triggered the second time I drove another round in Monaco for some reason I don’t understand 😄
  8. [Playing on Xbox] For me the following achievements don‘t work: - Weekend Warrior - Featured Racer - First Ten Down Each achievement is completed by 0,00% of the players in the world which is obviously nonsense. Also First Amongst Rivals did not work for me, but maybe it‘s my fault and I overlooked something, because this achievement says after all 1,38% of the players completed it (on Xbox).
  9. Raketenbohne95

    Xbox Trophies not unlocking [ZX]

    Update: Even more problems with achievements I completed the first weekly event. Had much fun. Got the trophy and the credits. Great game mode. But: Again there are achievements that should have been unlocked. 1. Weekend warrior (complete a weekly Grand Prix) 2. Featured Racer (complete a featured event) It is very annoying that some achievements can‘t be unlocked. If codemasters at least communicated that they are aware of the problem, I would have more understanding and patience. 😞
  10. Raketenbohne95

    Xbox Trophies not unlocking [ZX]

    Hi @Faya good news: i got the „around the world“ achievement! I set another valid lap time on each track in time trial. In Monaco right after I ended the session the achievement popped up. I‘m a bit confused, because I already had set a valid lap time there. But I‘m glad it worked the second time i triggered this achievement. I will try to trigger the „first amongst rivals“ achievement a second time too. Maybe this works. Regarding the „First Ten Down“ Achievement (complete 10 online races): I asked in a facebook group for german f1 players about it and other people said this achievement wont unlock for them neither. And the xbox menu says farther: „0,00% of the players have unlocked this achievement“ Maybe you get some information about the team being aware of this issue?
  11. Raketenbohne95

    Xbox Trophies not unlocking [ZX]

    Hi @Faya thanks for your quick answer. If one of the said achievements pops up I‘ll let you know. Not sure if it will help but I can give some more information: 1. The achievement „around the world“ should have popped up three days ago, because friday evening I registered an entry in time trial on every track. The progress bar says that I completed 96% of the tracks, but I checked it. I have an entry on each track. 2. The achievement „first amongst rivals“ should have popped up yesterday. I won the championship in my first season with Devon and Lukas behind me. 3. In the meantime I drove an online race, what should have led to progress on another achievement named „first ten down“ (complete 10 online races), but the progress bar says 0%. Interesting fact: it says also „0,00% of the players unlocked this achievement“ which can’t be true!? So this achievement maybe doesn‘t work for anyone on xbox!
  12. Hey guys, I‘m really motivated to unlock all the achievements in F1 2019 (i‘m playing on xbox). After just a few days I managed to unlock 33 of them. But I discovered that some Achievements wont unlock for me even though I did exactly what the description of the achievement says. 1. Around the world („Register a time trial entry on every track“) I did this, but it wont unlock. 2. First amongst rivals („Finish ahead of Devon and Lukas by the End of an F1 Season“) I did this, but it wont unlock What else can I do to unlock the achievements except to do exactly what the description says? -_-