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    50% distance
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    Even in the first season and without spending points for durability upgrades I don’t have any problems with my components. Especially at the end of an season I switch my components back and forth between almost every session
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    F1 2019 - What is a Featured Event ?

    The german version of the achievement „Featured Racer“ says „Schließe ein Haupt-Event ab“ which means „complete a main event“
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    Rivals R&D pace is too fast

    Only 6th best car and you win every race?
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    error HO163.8803. and i CANT play [ZX]

    Same here on Xbox. Started the weekly event race. After ~ 30 seconds into the race I got kicked out of the race and the same errorcode appeared.
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    Possible Baku Tyre Practice Program Issue

    95% on throttle differential and complaining about tyre wear 😂
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    Didn't get the "Around the World Trophy" on PS4 [ZX]

    @RaymondSmits i had the same problem on Xbox. A few days later I tried again and suddenly it worked. Although I had already set a valid round on every track, the achievement triggered the second time I drove another round in Monaco for some reason I don’t understand 😄
  8. [Playing on Xbox] For me the following achievements don‘t work: - Weekend Warrior - Featured Racer - First Ten Down Each achievement is completed by 0,00% of the players in the world which is obviously nonsense. Also First Amongst Rivals did not work for me, but maybe it‘s my fault and I overlooked something, because this achievement says after all 1,38% of the players completed it (on Xbox).
  9. Hey guys, I‘m really motivated to unlock all the achievements in F1 2019 (i‘m playing on xbox). After just a few days I managed to unlock 33 of them. But I discovered that some Achievements wont unlock for me even though I did exactly what the description of the achievement says. 1. Around the world („Register a time trial entry on every track“) I did this, but it wont unlock. 2. First amongst rivals („Finish ahead of Devon and Lukas by the End of an F1 Season“) I did this, but it wont unlock What else can I do to unlock the achievements except to do exactly what the description says? -_-
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    Xbox Trophies not unlocking [ZX]

    Update: Even more problems with achievements I completed the first weekly event. Had much fun. Got the trophy and the credits. Great game mode. But: Again there are achievements that should have been unlocked. 1. Weekend warrior (complete a weekly Grand Prix) 2. Featured Racer (complete a featured event) It is very annoying that some achievements can‘t be unlocked. If codemasters at least communicated that they are aware of the problem, I would have more understanding and patience. 😞
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    Xbox Trophies not unlocking [ZX]

    Hi @Faya good news: i got the „around the world“ achievement! I set another valid lap time on each track in time trial. In Monaco right after I ended the session the achievement popped up. I‘m a bit confused, because I already had set a valid lap time there. But I‘m glad it worked the second time i triggered this achievement. I will try to trigger the „first amongst rivals“ achievement a second time too. Maybe this works. Regarding the „First Ten Down“ Achievement (complete 10 online races): I asked in a facebook group for german f1 players about it and other people said this achievement wont unlock for them neither. And the xbox menu says farther: „0,00% of the players have unlocked this achievement“ Maybe you get some information about the team being aware of this issue?
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    Xbox Trophies not unlocking [ZX]

    Hi @Faya thanks for your quick answer. If one of the said achievements pops up I‘ll let you know. Not sure if it will help but I can give some more information: 1. The achievement „around the world“ should have popped up three days ago, because friday evening I registered an entry in time trial on every track. The progress bar says that I completed 96% of the tracks, but I checked it. I have an entry on each track. 2. The achievement „first amongst rivals“ should have popped up yesterday. I won the championship in my first season with Devon and Lukas behind me. 3. In the meantime I drove an online race, what should have led to progress on another achievement named „first ten down“ (complete 10 online races), but the progress bar says 0%. Interesting fact: it says also „0,00% of the players unlocked this achievement“ which can’t be true!? So this achievement maybe doesn‘t work for anyone on xbox!