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  1. hermanyakes

    Dirt Rally 2 Co Driver comments at end of stages

    Agree, specialy in spanish co driver, always same cooment after stage, a few wrong corners, but so much missing information about dangerous situations specially on fastest stages where also loose the time and advice corners when you are already in.
  2. nice to know, somebody create a place for real rally simulation, thanks, im in. regards.
  3. hermanyakes

    Pacenote editor

    it's mean that´s a game issue, hope Codemasters fix for future. the only way to finish fastest stages as Poland in a reasonable time without huge damages, is memorize whole stages. a really pity, the game is fantastic if you found an acceptable wheel configuration.
  4. hermanyakes

    Pacenote editor

    i have same problem, many caution calls missing on DR 2.0 wrong times or wrong corner identification in spanish. i try to use DIRTY pacenote editor, but spanish co-driver Marti doen´t work even in english when i open it DR 2.0 crash. thanks in advance everybody and sorry for my english.
  5. hermanyakes

    Pacenote editor