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  1. hermanyakes

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    i compare my self and for me change the wheel from 540 to 360º make around 1 or 1,5 second per split on a long stage, the method of reduce 4 gears instantly in maybe 20 meters, make another second per split(everyone knows the result if you do something like this in a real car) so unfortunately the game have espectacular graphics and sound, but still an ARCADE game, and i hope CODEMASTERS will fix for future on this game or future titles.
  2. hermanyakes

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    guys, the game is excellent in general (excluding co driver of course). But don´t unfortunately is a 100% arcade game. Im talking about world championship. Driving assists allowed? not serious. memorised stages, some people don`t need a co driver, wheel at 360º? in a rally car? seriously??????, i saw some videos on web that this guys shift down 4 or 5 gears in less than one second and nothing happen, just reduce more than 100km/h in 20 mtr. the idea of this world championship is really nice, but in my opinion is really bad organised, i don`t mind because im not on the fastest group. but i see some guys that are very good drivers and of course they are not on top 20. and is not fear. i think for the future Codemasters should have a look on the structure and organisation of community of other rally simulators. just suggestion. they invest big money on this tournament and im really not sure they will have the best drivers at the end. enjoy the game regards.
  3. hermanyakes

    DR 2.0 Co-Driver

    100% agree, i think co-driver is the lowest point in dirt rally 2.0, information is very poor(i try Spanish and Portuguese) many calls out of time without any repeat/remember when you approach. some wrong calls. But i think that worst think one of worst is the voice and tone of calls is the same for square coreners with risky situations than 6 flat out corners. is difficult be fast in a rally game when you don`t trust in your co driver. i also try RBR and in Spanish language co driver Dani Cue for example is so much more enthusiastic and remember you one or two times for dangerous situation. could be a good start point for improve co driver. i saw many old videos and Codemasters make big effort for dirt rally 2.0 co driver. unfortunately without results. we must wait they ussualy take in acount community comments, and are working on it for sure.
  4. hermanyakes

    Suggestion for esports stages

    Great idea. also i suggest include apply filters or separate drivers who use assist or maybe a separate leaderboard. it´s no sense you qualify with an almost automatic pilot, and the you cannot use it on knock out rounds. maybe can give to non assist drivers the option of tuning car set ups, even if release reduced parameters to change than career mode.
  5. hermanyakes

    co-driver calls editition

    Agree, in spanish, it´s really bad, very poor information, but worts is that in in fast stages lost the time even when im use maximum anticipate. is difficult because you don´t trust anymore on co driver. Poland stages make calls when you ´re already turning, almost does´t have caution calls but when have give you 1 or 2 seconds after the corner. i use calls on maximum anticipate. to try avoid but no way. sorry for my english, but i hope CODEMASTERS can fix this issue on no longer future.
  6. Agree, specialy in spanish co driver, always same cooment after stage, a few wrong corners, but so much missing information about dangerous situations specially on fastest stages where also loose the time and advice corners when you are already in.
  7. hermanyakes

    Pacenote editor

    it's mean that´s a game issue, hope Codemasters fix for future. the only way to finish fastest stages as Poland in a reasonable time without huge damages, is memorize whole stages. a really pity, the game is fantastic if you found an acceptable wheel configuration.
  8. hermanyakes

    Pacenote editor

    i have same problem, many caution calls missing on DR 2.0 wrong times or wrong corner identification in spanish. i try to use DIRTY pacenote editor, but spanish co-driver Marti doen´t work even in english when i open it DR 2.0 crash. thanks in advance everybody and sorry for my english.