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  1. @@Faya easier to post here faya to avoid trolls but below is a confirmed list of all glitched trophies for the ps4..

    1) weekend warrior

    2) featured racer

    3) first ten down

    4) you got one ( win a league medal) 

    5) reach level 50xp ( for some it has worked, for the majority it doesn't 

  2. Mellor81

    PS4 Trophies Glitched - F1 2019 [R2]

    Yeh someone told me that so i clicked claim in the mail but nothing happened and someone else said it can take a day or 2 to come through
  3. Mellor81

    PS4 Trophies Glitched - F1 2019 [R2]

    Add “featured racer” and “you got one” to that list (win a league medal)
  4. Not sure what to say as i dont have that problem as shown above, maybe try a league with multiplayer cars only and not 2019 and see if you have any luck, i have about 5 leagues and never encountered that issue yet
  5. I checked every possible solution and the only reason the options would grey out is if you have your league set to “on demand” if its set to weekly you could/should be able to select all the options you want like mine above, im on ps4
  6. You mean like this?
  7. Mellor81

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    Yeh i turned that off too its ****, but the understeer is only down to the ballast being removed just run more down force and you’ll see the steering improve
  8. I was able to change it because i made a few leagues to see what could and couldnt be done, the option was never greyed out for me i could just select non, i will have a proper look tomorrow for you and take any pictures but im pretty 100% positive its doable because i know i did, there were just me and one friend driving around so we quit started a new one and added ai to that
  9. You can turn it off by not selecting ai as an option to fill in the first place, it asks you quite clearly if you want to or not just slide to no
  10. Mellor81

    can someone help please

    You should have this in your options
  11. Those games are trash in comparison, other than pc issues console really doesnt have any major issues if any, people just complain for the sake of it about pointless stuff like mirrors and helmet sponsors like that really makes any difference to your driving experience, never seen an f1 driver use a rear view mirror so why implement it? And you cant really blame codies for lack of response when they are constantly bombarded with the most ridiculous complaints and requests and believe me im the harshest critic but they've really hit the ball out the park with this effort yet people still arent happy.
  12. Mellor81

    can someone help please

    So your on pc? Im not sure how to help you but im sure you’ll be able to find someone that can, hope you get it sorted 👍🏻
  13. Mellor81

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Ah ok, yeah i get what you mean
  14. Ive finally got the pure gold trophy now so im not bothered 😂 but it was ridiculously hard tho, hope your right and the 10 races is fixed soon
  15. Mellor81

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    You can do a full f2 career tho?