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  1. 7 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    For “You Got One”, have you made sure to claim your Medal from your Inbox?

    When I unlocked it on Saturday (Xbox) that’s where it triggered.


    Yeh someone told me that so i clicked claim in the mail but nothing happened and someone else said it can take a day or 2 to come through

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  2. 13 hours ago, Dan-Allen-Gaming said:

    I and several others have reached the requirements for achieving the following PS4 trophies:

    Weekend Warrior - Complete a Weekly Grand Prix
    Reach Level 50 - Reach Level 50 XP
    First 10 Down - Complete 10 races online
    First Among Rivals - Finish ahead of Devon and Lukas by the end of an F1 Season

    To my knowledge no-one has gotten those top 3 trophies.

    The First Among Rivals some have gotten to pop. But I completed my first season on top and didn't get it... so not sure.

    Also the Complete a Featured Event trophy hasn't been earned but im guessing that's an event coming in the future.

    It would be great if a Dev could address me here





    Add “featured racer” and “you got one” to that list (win a league medal)

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  3. 54 minutes ago, AcidBurn247 said:

    I`m on PS4 , with a Normal Fixed League set up, (Not on Demand)

    The "Allow AI Substitions" Option is set to "Off" ,  but if you go and check the results of our first Test Race , the AI sits their in all their Glory on the Points Table...

    They Participated throughout the Race , from Qualies throughout.

    This is a Private Lobby , with F1 2019 Cars.

    Massive Issue for us , and probably the One that will block our League from being run on this Online System.

    Hoping this gets fixed asap , so that I can Start my Actuall League.

    Clearly a BUG.


    Give us more OPTIONS

    Not sure what to say as i dont have that problem as shown above, maybe try a league with multiplayer cars only and not 2019 and see if you have any luck, i have about 5 leagues and never encountered that issue yet

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  4. 1 hour ago, ZenRazo said:

    There is something wrong with your Pic here... not only have you the ability to select AI Substitution on/off but you also have the option of Category MULTIPLAYER/2019 open too yet the privacy is PUBLIC? How is this possible? What platform are you on?

    I checked every possible solution and the only reason the options would grey out is if you have your league set to “on demand” if its set to weekly you could/should be able to select all the options you want like mine above, im on ps4 

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  5. 5 hours ago, WallyM76 said:

    I did turn off "understeer enhence" in the settings, that made it a bit better, but still, i feel f1 2019 has more understeer than f1 2018, i i cant get used to the tires yet, difficult to keep them in the window

    Yeh i turned that off too its ****, but the understeer is only down to the ballast being removed just run more down force and you’ll see the steering improve

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  6. 1 hour ago, Gussie said:

    🤔🤔You guys that are saying you can turn it off, have you actually done it or just going off what you’ve read? We tried every option, as in toggling between 2019 and multi cars, switching the room from public to private etc. We couldn’t turn the Ai off. It seemed like the option was possibly there but it was greyed our and no matter what we did, it wouldn’t light up to toggle. 

    It’s like if you set up a League with 20drivers and 2spectators which is what we have but with such a league you can never guarantee everyone will turn up for every race of a 21 race season. Real life just seems to always get in the way of of our fun. This is the occasions, as the league owner I DON’T want or need Ai to fill the grid 🤪

    I HOPE you guys are right and somehow I just missed something. I’ll try again tonight and get back to you. 

    I was able to change it because i made a few leagues to see what could and couldnt be done, the option was never greyed out for me i could just select non, i will have a proper look tomorrow for you and take any pictures but im pretty 100% positive its doable because i know i did, there were just me and one friend driving  around so we quit started a new one and added ai to that

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  7. 8 hours ago, Gussie said:

    I finally got a chance to log into this years version yesterday. I was SO excited to jump in and set my league up! That excitement quickly turned to frustration and down right anger! 

     I think Codemasters is turning into a joke and just taking us loyal F1 loving fans for a ride now. As long as we keep paying they continue to develop and produce their game with absolute disregard for US and our requests!

    -The Fanatec F1 Wheel with Podium incompatibilities is just a Joke to begin with. Official F1 wheel, Official F1 Game yet half the functions don’t work. Tell me that’s not a joke! 

    -The setups are STILL a joke and completely unrealistic. 

    -The League options and dedicated servers to host sounded like they FINALLY nailed “something”. Only to find that it’s NOTHING like it sounded or looks. You can’t set dates into the calendar for your league unless you race like clockwork in a regular format. Well Codemasters.....we follow the real calendar and sometimes they have double headers. Sometimes they have 3week break between races!!! How can the OFFICIAL game not recognise this and at least give us an option to manually set the calendar?? So the the Calendar is a JOKE and useless! 

    -The Ai can’t be turned off! Why do we want to race with Ai in our League?? That’s for career mode or single players!! What the hell was Codemasters thinking when they thought it was a wise decision to not give us the option to turn Ai on or Off!! What a fricking Joke! 

    Well, I just checked the Calendar and we are nowhere near April Fools day so i’m afraid these Jokes are real and I for one am not seeing the funny side. It’s a real shame! Codemasters has such an oportunity here to make the ultimate F1 game/sim with their exclusive and Official partnerships with Fanatec and Formula 1!

    How can Codemasters hold their head high and be proud to be associated with the Official eSports series?? How is Formula 1 and Liberty not embarrassed?? This is a joke that has turned really sour now and gone on for far too long with no remorse or regard for the real fans of the sport and franchise. 

    I know I’m only 1 grain of sand on a massive beach but Codemasters will not be taking anymore of my hard earned money from here on! If everyone else who feels jibbed and frustrated with this rubbish did the same, eventually they will start to notice as the erosion on the beach gets bigger and bigger. 




    You can turn it off by not selecting ai as an option to fill in the first place, it asks you quite clearly if you want to or not just slide to no

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  8. 21 hours ago, TB01 said:


    this is the bottom paragraph from the tech spec on the steering well

    The racing wheel automatically reverts to Sensitivity level 1 (i.e. default mode) when the system restarts or the wheel is disconnected from the system.

    • Manually adjusting the sensitivity level slightly alters the intensity of the racing wheel's force feedback and centering settings (the lower the sensitivity, the lower the intensity of the force feedback and centering features).
    • Manually adjusting the racing wheel's sensitivity mode is only possible on Xbox One (not on PC).

    You should have this in your options 



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  9. 13 minutes ago, F1Aussie said:

    I am not buying it, I am an F1 fanatic but have grown tired of the pathetic lack of attempts of codemasters to do more than port these from console to PC. I only got 2017 and 18 when dirt cheap and skipped 16 altogether. I have only about 12 hours each on 17 and 18. After all these years still no mouse support for navigating menus, the only game I have ever known not to have mouse support. The lack of support to run multiple devices off the API data, so I can't run my shakers and wheel display at the same time, it is one or the other. Also lack of ability to map all buttons on my fanatec V2 formula rim is another turn off.

    Why O why codies continue to ignore what seem like fundamental features is beyond me.

    After reading a lot of the threads in this forum and codies lack of response to a large number of queries and issues, along with their pathetic response to the query about button mapping on PS4 fanatec rims leads me to believe that codies have utter contempt for their customers and player base. 

    This all leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth and I will not fork out my hard earned to a company like that.

    Those games are trash in comparison, other than pc issues console really doesnt have any major issues if any, people just complain for the sake of it about pointless stuff like mirrors and helmet sponsors like that really makes any difference to your driving experience, never seen an f1 driver use a rear view mirror so why implement it? And you cant really blame codies for lack of response when they are constantly bombarded with the most ridiculous complaints and requests and believe me im the harshest critic but they've really hit the ball out the park with this effort yet people still arent happy.

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  10. 14 minutes ago, TB01 said:

    acerees showed me a tech page that showed how to change the sensitivity but on the bottom of the page it said only on xbox not on pc not sure why but thrustmaster tmx wheel looks like cant be changed.


    So your on pc? Im not sure how to help you but im sure you’ll be able to find someone that can, hope you get it sorted 👍🏻

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  11. 1 hour ago, Patricko said:

    The 10 races will be fixed, they have to do it so I'm not worried about it. What worries me is the Pure Gold trophy which is 100x harder and almost impossible to do right now. We have separate topic for this problem, so you can go there if someone wants to share their opinion about Skill Rating. 

    Ive finally got the pure gold trophy now so im not bothered 😂 but it was ridiculously hard tho, hope your right and the 10 races is fixed soon 

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  12. On 6/28/2019 at 10:46 AM, amphobius said:

    You know, with Codies outright ignoring people regarding adding a virtual mirror, never updating their tracks meaning there is still that god-awful version of Spa and launching with the wrong pit entry at Paul Ricard, launching with the wrong car performance values, the frankly terribly implemented F2 into the career (I definitely would have liked the option for a full F2 season rather than this Eastenders bs) among many other things, and now learning that this frankly annoying feature isn't even optional...

    I think I'm gonna pass this year. Someone else should be making these games. Codies do nothing but squander the license.

    You can do a full f2 career tho?

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  13. 1 minute ago, Andrew210227 said:

    Also, lower front ride height compared to rear for a bit more turn in. Don’t overdo it though 

    I always do the opposite and have a higher front ride hight improves steering massively for example 5/4 on high curb tracks or a 4/3 for fast flat curb tracks like france, but it also comes down to driver style to i guess, ive tried other peoples set ups and they've been horrendous and vice versa 

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  14. On 6/30/2019 at 1:05 PM, WallyM76 said:

    Hi all,

    With f1 2019 im suffering from massive amounts of understeer, spent hours of adjusting the setup, and i just cant get rid of it. When i steer into a corner, for example turn 4 at austria it first turns right, then sort of skips over the front tires, after that is grips again.

    That causes my fronts to overheat very quickly and cause more and more understeer. It does this with every corner.

    I drive with no assists, difficulty at 100% and manual ERS.

    i only drive grand prix races at the track that coming up in real life. And i only drive the RB15 as max verstappen. ( Massive fan 😉 )

    I can drive a 1/3 wing set up on most tracks but a 3/6 is a good start, its all about toe which helps you turn into a corner also try an 8/4 roll bar for tracks like austria hope this helps

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  15. 20 hours ago, pevides said:

    ...Because we are in 2019, and your team didn`t learn how to put a virtual mirror in a game  and I don`t like to drive a virtual car in the backseat because of the stupid FOV needed to see the mirrors.

    Every sim racer, like Jimmy Broadbent just to give a example,  complain about this every year. But you just don`t learn.  I will tell you that at least 30% of the sim racers, not buy your game because of this. It`s laziness or what?




    I didn't ask for a rear view mirror because I'm too far in front to care 😉 but seriously not buying a game just because it doesn't have a mirror is just lame

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  16. 8 hours ago, TB01 said:

    I have the 2019 f1 game and a thrustmaster tmx steering wheel but in the settings I cant change the sensitivity of the steering. you have to turn the wheel 180 degrees to get around the tight corners it would be so much better if it was about 90 degrees. on youtube some guys have in the settings a column that allows them to set the steering at 360 but I don't have that in my settings to view. So im not sure if there is some other window or setting to find it. can someone help please.  

    You should have it in your settings theres no reason not too could you show a picture?

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  17. On 7/1/2019 at 4:00 PM, Faya said:

    Hi all,

    Thanks for letting us know! I'll get these passed back to the team to check out. Let us know if any of them pop while we are investigating. Thanks!

    The gold skill trophy eventually popped faya had to do a few races tho but the 10 races online trophy still no joy despite me being more than 35 races in 

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