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  1. Guys , any idea codmasters will add realistic performance to league ? Or atleast unranked online championship? This so silly not having this option the game is useless without it if you ask me
  2. hi guys, does anyone know how to integrate f1 2019 dashstudio into simhub?
  3. Ams15

    AI in wet conditions

    i will try this but I don't like driving on traction the car feels robotic I will give this ago but don't really like having TC on
  4. Ams15

    AI in wet conditions

    All, the AI is ridiculously fast in wet conditions, a lot of us complained it was slow before which was true, however, we only wanted minor tweaks not a whole different level. I hope this get balanced in the next patch
  5. Ams15

    G29 f1 2019 vs 2018

    Guys, I had excellent experience using g29 in f1 2018 game proper competitive against players similar to my level, since I got the f1 2019 game I can’t catch up to these guys anymore? They always used controller and always used wheel it’s just impossible to pull up laps as quick as they are? Anyone notice same issue ? I end up crashing now trying to push the car more then it’s limit is the g29 works different in the 2019 game?
  6. Ams15

    Wet weather AI too OP

    It’s unreal it’s impossible to race them in rain , so unrealistic I quit every race in rain now no point
  7. 1.05 patch car performances. McLaren should be abit faster and Renault too. racing point seems too quick? however is much better than 1.04 overall car handling okay not much changed I preferred 1.04 tho abit more challenging. AI similar to 2018 little more aggression would do, but no complains there biggest issue for me is realistic performance in league this is major setback I can't start championship with friends @Faya
  8. I hope they take this seriously. I play the game online with few of my friends and brothers and we are hating this issue not being able to make the car performance realistic when you in league. we are all at different levels so slow drivers pick fast cars and quick drivers pick slower cars to make it competitive. on the other hand if we do unranked championship we aren't able to see the race winner of every event. absolute disaster.
  9. Ams15

    F1 2019 Handling

    The cars are much harder to handle compare to 2018 but I guess real f1 cars aren’t easy to handle we seen so many drivers lose the back end this season, something we all have to adapted to. I was dominating races using the wheel on 2018 definitely struggling to get podiums in 2019 but I find it more challenging
  10. That’s mad, that’s career mode is ruined I actually stopped playing it. I have ran out of game modes to play. They also ruined championship mode
  11. Lads, Firstly have you noticed how slow mclaren is in the 2019 game? Driven in many circuits and me and Norris/Sainz always last? As well as the pacy Williams ? Do you guys think updates will include car performance? Secondly AI behaving weird in Azerbaijan between pole and last is 1.7s nowhere near reality? Usually you looking at 2.3s exclude Williams. Not to mention multiplayer connection issues and very disappointed they have removed online championship. And finally, suggestions of any league to join clean and fair racing ?