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  1. All, I don’t know it’s just me but the most frustrating thing in this game is exiting pit when the AI controlling the car. For example Bahrain pit exit it’s controlled all the way to the first corner leaving you no room to brake if a car approaching turn 1, I end up collide and smash my wing. the second thing is kerbs, half of car the is on the kerb and it doesn’t slow you down at all in fact you get better exiting! and a lot of people take advantage of that. Annoying what improvements do you think the game needs?
  2. 1.05 patch car performances. McLaren should be abit faster and Renault too. racing point seems too quick? however is much better than 1.04 overall car handling okay not much changed I preferred 1.04 tho abit more challenging. AI similar to 2018 little more aggression would do, but no complains there biggest issue for me is realistic performance in league this is major setback I can't start championship with friends @Faya
  3. I hope they take this seriously. I play the game online with few of my friends and brothers and we are hating this issue not being able to make the car performance realistic when you in league. we are all at different levels so slow drivers pick fast cars and quick drivers pick slower cars to make it competitive. on the other hand if we do unranked championship we aren't able to see the race winner of every event. absolute disaster.