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  1. There are a few leaked images of a 2012 Ferrari that are claimed to be in the game. They were revealed around the leak of the game back in March.
  2. I want to say this, if you do receive the code, it's best to keep your excitement to yourself. It's poor taste to show off. You don't want to make others feel envious of your accomplishments by boasting about it on the forums. [And definitely do NOT share codes with anyone else]
  3. I read on Twitter by the official F1 game saying online two-player career will apply to the game. Here's the post.
  4. I have a personal preference towards white and gold.
  5. I may have already posted this, but I felt like bringing it up again. I suggest adding classic cars and F2 cars for leagues instead of just having the 2020 cars or the multiplayer cars as the selectable roster. Have the classic cars and F2 cars as an option for roster. Not just in private leagues, but also in public leagues. I personally think including classics and F2 as an option in leagues would be a great update, even if it's only a minor tweak to the multiplayer section.
  6. Involved In It on Xbox. I had my pre-order purchase failed and had to repay just over $100 to play it again.
  7. Leagues are not a new concept in the F1 games. Since they were brought as a feature in F1 2019, it was a very cool feature. The only downside I didn't like was that you could only choose your multiplayer livery if it was public; and either multiplayer livery or the official F1 cars if it was private. What I want to see featured in this game is the selection of classic cars and maybe even F2 into the car selection in league races, either public or private. Select either the C1 class of classic cars; C2 class; or combine them together.
  8. Some more I suggest: - Parts of the car that could fail or breakdown (e.g. the driveshaft, brakes) - Soft-body physics may seem rather extreme, but at least it makes the damage model more realistic, combined with front wing and/or rear wing pieces flying off - AI drivers making mistakes (i.e. clipping grass, brushing a wall, corner-cutting, crashing into another driver or wall, spinning out) - AI drivers using common sense, such as if there is a wreck on the track, they can use the escape road to drive past - Penalties for unsafe release on pit road * - Drivers f
  9. I'm not entirely sure if this will ever happen. But something I wanted to see is using your multiplayer car in Grand Prix mode (single-player). I know it sounds counterintuitive, but if one has very bad internet and wants to use their custom car, I feel like we should be permitted to use our custom car offline. It makes the multiplayer cars rather left out offline. Some other things I hope for: - Manual cooldown lap -Manual control on the entire formation lap - Changing liveries mid-season - Selection between the liveries for each team before a race - Choose how m
  10. If the next F1 game has split-screen, I'd be as rabid as a hyena. Buy. Buy. Buy! BUY! Also, I would like to see the crash physics similar to that of Project Cars, where if two cars collide with their wheels or if one car rams into the back of another, they'd be launched up. Kind of like the images below.
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