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  1. Involved In It

    F1 2019 Online Level Color

    Each level indicates your overall experience in online racing. After completing a race, you'll earn a certain amount of skill points. This varies depending on your performance in the race. Bronze, silver, and gold are typically your rankings of beginner, skilled, and expert (something like that). The platinum is considered 'Master Rank'. Achieving it requires many hours of racing online (ranked or unranked) and improving your racing style and etiquette.
  2. Involved In It

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    I do share a mostly-love relationship with the game. But there are some things that aren't right. Yes, the game does look nice, but it's a near carbon-copy of 2018, and 2017. The main things that substantially change each year are the main menu, the roster, the drivers, some animations, sometimes career mode... ...what else...? The appearance and presentation is nice; the overall gameplay is sometimes disappointing. It was the same thing over the past 3 or 4 F1 game titles. Many things we wished for weren't put into the new release. I am way too eager for F1 2020. When it gets announced, I hope it WON'T be a carbon-copy, or ctrl-c-ctrl-v like F1 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 20... I'm only hoping it's gonna be a huge uplift from the previous games, and have new appearances and visuals.
  3. Involved In It

    Idea for F1 2020 Codemasters - Historical Circuits

    Maybe have: - Magny-Cours - Adelaide - Nurburgring and maybe have different variations of the current (or past) tracks. Such as the variations of Monza or Silverstone.
  4. Involved In It

    Games coming out in 2020

    2019 is nearing the end. There have been some great games released; and some not-so-good games released. But, as 2020 approaches, there are several new games that we are anticipating. What might be some games you're eager to see?
  5. Some more I suggest: - Parts of the car that could fail or breakdown (e.g. the driveshaft, brakes) - Soft-body physics may seem rather extreme, but at least it makes the damage model more realistic, combined with front wing and/or rear wing pieces flying off - AI drivers making mistakes (i.e. clipping grass, brushing a wall, corner-cutting, crashing into another driver or wall, spinning out) - AI drivers using common sense, such as if there is a wreck on the track, they can use the escape road to drive past - Penalties for unsafe release on pit road * - Drivers from the lower series rank up to F1 [i.e. AI driver(s) from F2 ranking up to F1 each year] *career mode
  6. Involved In It

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    With a game that offers so much customization, beyond stunning graphics, a showroom, saving highlights, weekly challenges, leagues, eSports, and a variety of series (i.e. F1, Classic Cars, F2) to play, resisting to buy it would be deranged; like being a huge Apple fan, but not buying the latest iPhone.
  7. Involved In It

    Unusual occurrences on F1 2019

    After ten patches, strange things still occur in Codemasters' F1 2019. I managed to find some I encountered. Unfortunately, I don't have photo or video evidence for all of the following examples, simply because I either don't have them or the file size is too big. Here are some examples I encountered: Driver's names wrongly displayed in Grand Prix mode (For instance, Norris would appear as a Haas driver, or Magnussen would be a Renault driver,) or even drivers would be given different names (Such as George Russell being shown, and his name is displayed as Valtteri Bottas) Weird colors on the steering wheel in cockpit cam After exiting the game and coming back to it, the screen remains black UI Graphics can remain stuck after a flashback (Messages or warnings will be stuck) Game being stuck on a black screen after leaving an offline race Cars appearing on the grid in improper locations or even appearing as ghost cars Raving light graphics Strange illegal overtakes Game freezing after crossing the finish line People appearing under the map (yes, UNDER the map) Pit crew and people vanishing in the opening sequence of a race After the first lap on a wet race, the intermediate tyre carcass would be overheated already Strange alien activity (Disappearing players) Have you encountered something strange? What happened when it occurred? F1_2019_(4).mp4 11-23-2019_8-30-48_PM-iuv3atat.mp4
  8. Involved In It

    Aarava's spoken

    If I may use a quote by Aarava about the past five games (2015-2019): "For the fifth year running, Codemasters literally went ctrl-c, ctrl-v the same game; the same voice lines; the same animations; pre-order now for bonus content and a limited-edition steelbook." While he didn't actually say that quote word-for-word, the first ten to twelve words were quoted by him when playing F1 2014 career mode.
  9. The 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix was a truly exciting race. It had a ton of excitement and controversy. I think this race was equally as exciting as Germany, 2019. I consider it Germany 2.0. If you didn't see the whole race, here's the podium: P1: Max Verstappen P2: Pierre Gasly P3: Lewis Hamilton (later given a 5-second penalty, Carlos Sainz promoted to 3rd)
  10. Involved In It

    Hotfix - Patch Notes for 1.16 – Discussion Thread

    Honestly, if something like a small crash occurs in the game, I feel like that should be fixed with the same patch in effect; not an entirely separate patch by itself. It truly is a complete waste of an update. Patches typically come with a huge amount of updates. But with Patch 1.16, it's just one minute thing that almost no one recognizes. What's the point of a patch update is only one thing was changed? I'm not trying to provide hatred to this discussion, I just want to bring something across.
  11. Involved In It

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Granted. In the same way you had to actually pay for one of those fads in stores if you wanted one of them.
  12. Codemasters have definitely upped F1 2019 in a huge way. This patch featured Gasly and Albon changing places; new helmets, liveries, and badges; driver transfers are more sorted; select your teammate and other cool changes. In my opinion, it's the biggest change since Patch 1.12. One thing to me that would be rather witty is to swap between the driver line-up before Belgium and after Belgium (which was when Gasly and Albon changed places) in the settings. I suppose it's similar to F1 2015, where they added the option to drive either the 2014 or 2015 season.
  13. Involved In It

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    I had no idea this was in the game until now... A long-forgotten fad.
  14. Involved In It

    Xbox - Patch 1.15

    It's disappointing really. At first, I thought it would be applied along with the PC and PlayStation versions of the game after they've been patched. My intuition was so wrong. Honestly, to me, they should wait for each console to be earned the green light for the patch, and then add the patch into the game. When it's like this, in its current state, it's really infuriating for other console players.
  15. Involved In It

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Right now, Xbox players must be furious; the patch still isn't out. It's been 48 hours since the PC patch and nearly 48 hours since the PS4 patch. I understand it takes time, but I never saw it take this long. I wanted to reference the tweets on Twitter, but I won't, in case of any controversy.