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  1. PipsAhoy

    Flash backs in 2020

    There used to be the option to set how many flashbacks you had available for a session up to a max of 5 and when they were gone, they were gone. I personally really liked it. It's pretty unlikely you'll get 5 AI borks even in a 100% race and it removes the temptation to just use them all the time. I don't remember which game it was where it turned into just an on/off option but I really do wish they'd bring back the option of limited flashbacks, it's a good compromise to me.
  2. PipsAhoy

    F1 2020 - Extra rotation in 1st gear

    I'd love to know if we'll ever get insight into the Jimmy Broadbent theory that Codies F1 games don't simulate downforce, just tyre grip that increases with speed. I always wondered why there were these weird mid corner slides when you're going fast enough that you should be glued to the track by aero and this seems a plausible explanation. I get that the Codies F1 games are primarily about being accessible for casual players and not intended to be hardcore sims, but the more I go back and forth between F1 2019 and other racing titles, the more I start to wonder just how they wound up with something so far removed from actually driving an F1 car.