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  1. PipsAhoy

    Flash backs in 2020

    There used to be the option to set how many flashbacks you had available for a session up to a max of 5 and when they were gone, they were gone. I personally really liked it. It's pretty unlikely you'll get 5 AI borks even in a 100% race and it removes the temptation to just use them all the time. I don't remember which game it was where it turned into just an on/off option but I really do wish they'd bring back the option of limited flashbacks, it's a good compromise to me.
  2. PipsAhoy

    F1 2020 - Extra rotation in 1st gear

    I'd love to know if we'll ever get insight into the Jimmy Broadbent theory that Codies F1 games don't simulate downforce, just tyre grip that increases with speed. I always wondered why there were these weird mid corner slides when you're going fast enough that you should be glued to the track by aero and this seems a plausible explanation. I get that the Codies F1 games are primarily about being accessible for casual players and not intended to be hardcore sims, but the more I go back and forth between F1 2019 and other racing titles, the more I start to wonder just how they wound up with something so far removed from actually driving an F1 car.
  3. PipsAhoy

    F1 2018 Setups, fix em

    This is true but it's also important to remember that this is being developed to be a simcade racer, not a full on balls to the wall simulation. They need to walk a balance between realism and accessibility so of course they're not going to go into the insane levels of detail that are present in real world F1 weekends because that would be a huge outlay of resources for features that only a small percentage of players will ever use.
  4. PipsAhoy

    Choosing Difficulty Level

    No I think what he's saying is that your teammate gets the same upgrades, but once you max things out, if you have the AI on super hard difficulty then your teammate will just execute totally perfectly the way only a robot can and there'll be nothing you can do about it.
  5. PipsAhoy

    Choosing Difficulty Level

    Interesting, when I say plod along I just mean I don't play super often so I'm only just now kicking off season 2. I do spent the upgrade points but went for reliability first so I guess it'll become more noticeable as I add more performance upgrades. That said I'll probably swap teams a few times over the course of a few seasons so maybe that'll balance it out a bit.
  6. PipsAhoy

    Choosing Difficulty Level

    Is this still as big an issue as at launch? I know this was rebalanced in the 1.09 patch in August and at the time the comments from the devs was that the change would be more noticeable the earlier in your career mode you were, but I tend to plod through the career mode in these games so am only now finishing my first career season. So far the only team with insane development pace is Williams which I attribute to an "only way to go is up" approach and my teammate continues to be a pretty level match for me with the AI level set correctly.
  7. Hi there everyone, I've got a super simple question that I'm hoping someone can answer for me nice and quick. I know that if you accept a contract from another team in the middle of a season, you immediately swap to that team from the next race. And I know that this also happened with the AI drivers until Codies introduced the feature to limit it to off-season only or stop it altogether. My question is, if I set driver swaps to be off-season only, does that also apply to me? I was always a fan in the earlier games of only being able to change teams in between seasons and whilst I know I can still play it the same way by just waiting for the end of the season, I'm just wondering how global this "off season only" rule is.
  8. PipsAhoy


    Monaco is the toughest track by a mile regardless of gamepad or wheel, and the hairpin is (I think) the toughest corner on the track to get consistently right. I find that it helps to look into changing your controller calibration settings - in particular the linearity - to help make positioning the car on entry easier. I actually have a separate controller profile just for Monaco to help with this.
  9. PipsAhoy

    Setups and weather system are too scripted

    Bit of an odd complaint, considering it's not a "true" sim racer where driving style would count for a lot more, it's not that surprising that there would end up being one setup that is unanimously the fastest, especially considering all cars are identical in TT regardless of team.
  10. PipsAhoy

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Of course my next race after I posted this I got the SC.
  11. PipsAhoy

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    I wasn't criticising your opinions, just the incredibly petulant way you expressed them. Examples or not, getting all pissy like that is just not constructive.
  12. PipsAhoy

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Wait a minute. This game has the safety car in it?
  13. PipsAhoy

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    This sort of childish carrying on is why the rest of the world views gamers as petulant man-babies. If you don't know how to voice criticism constructively and sensibly, you should probably leave it to the grown ups.
  14. PipsAhoy

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    This is pretty much the issue I have with the AI. Not so much in the dry, I've had AI cars I'm racing against lock up and run wide, or lose the car clattering over a kerb, but they still never make contact with each other resulting in damage or make any big mistakes. In the wet though it's actually ridiculous, all AI cars drive like they're on rails and with no change in difficulty settings I'm immediately 2 seconds off the pace. If it were a smaller gap then I'd be happy to put it down to me just being **** in the wet, but I don't feel like I'm THAT much worse. It's not the worst AI I've encountered in a racing game by a long shot, but it would be nice if Codies could work in a bit more of a "human" vibe to the AI. Fingers crossed for future patches, there seems to be plenty of noise being made about it on the forums so surely the team can't ignore it completely.
  15. PipsAhoy

    F1 2019 Setup Guide

    Been toying with them a bit and it's helped ever so slightly, I have a feeling it might be more down to the kinds of suspension/anto-roll bar settings required for the fact that I'm using a controller instead of a wheel. I'm guessing I just haven't hit the sweet spot yet. Hoping that as the setup forums fill up with more controller setups I might work out where I'm going wrong.