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  1. PipsAhoy

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Of course my next race after I posted this I got the SC.
  2. PipsAhoy

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    I wasn't criticising your opinions, just the incredibly petulant way you expressed them. Examples or not, getting all pissy like that is just not constructive.
  3. PipsAhoy

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Wait a minute. This game has the safety car in it?
  4. PipsAhoy

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    This sort of childish carrying on is why the rest of the world views gamers as petulant man-babies. If you don't know how to voice criticism constructively and sensibly, you should probably leave it to the grown ups.
  5. PipsAhoy

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    I might just not be far enough along in my playthrough, but I haven't experienced any of the issues with AI R&D pace. I'm in season 2 and whilst the gaps have closed down a bit and a rules reset screwed Mercedes over by the looks of it, the rest of the field is not totally unrealistic with regards to where everyone started. Maybe it'll get worse as I go on, will have to wait and see. I get the complaints about the driver swaps if you're into the realism on that front. I personally don't really mind and actually find it entertaining that mid-season I now have Gasly in a McLaren and Sainz stealing Stroll's seat at Racing Point (sorry Stroll Sr!). But I totally get that it would be a better experience for some if the feature were able to be toggled. Or even an option to only have them happen in between seasons. i don't really get the difficulty spikes either. Definitely have found some circuits tougher to get up to speed on than others but nothing that jumped out as unfair. I dunno, I don't mind pounding around in practice sessions so maybe I'm just fine with taking my time. The wet weather AI though is 100% solid gold ******** though. Every time it rains, I may as well just quit the session. The only way to even come close is to chuck on full traction control and ABS and even then it's a struggle. Definite;y balancing needed there.
  6. PipsAhoy

    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    I'm surprised to see so many people struggling with Baku. I have the usual issues at Monaco that anyone using a controller seems to have, but for some reason I can just fly around Baku. I wish I could learn something from that fact that would make me less awful around Monaco and Singapore.
  7. PipsAhoy

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    This is pretty much the issue I have with the AI. Not so much in the dry, I've had AI cars I'm racing against lock up and run wide, or lose the car clattering over a kerb, but they still never make contact with each other resulting in damage or make any big mistakes. In the wet though it's actually ridiculous, all AI cars drive like they're on rails and with no change in difficulty settings I'm immediately 2 seconds off the pace. If it were a smaller gap then I'd be happy to put it down to me just being **** in the wet, but I don't feel like I'm THAT much worse. It's not the worst AI I've encountered in a racing game by a long shot, but it would be nice if Codies could work in a bit more of a "human" vibe to the AI. Fingers crossed for future patches, there seems to be plenty of noise being made about it on the forums so surely the team can't ignore it completely.
  8. PipsAhoy

    Track takes to much time to dry

    Weird, I find it's almost the opposite. I recently did a wet practice session in Germany and the track was bone dry like 5 mins after the rain stopped.
  9. PipsAhoy

    Driver Transfers Completely Broken

    I was only making a joke...
  10. PipsAhoy

    Back to the future.

    This would literally be my dream F1 game. But I also understand that the immense amount of work needed to make it a reality would necessitate an RRP that would make it unaffordable for almost anyone hah.
  11. This is an interesting one to see you guys write about. In my own career mode McLaren came out of the blocks really strongly before slipping back whilst other teams developed around them. I definitely don't see McLaren's in my game having any issues with straight line speed, they were easily matching me in a Renault in Austria with only 2 upgrades each in aero and power unit. I also had my AI set so that I was basically even with my teammate. Since then I've thrown on a couple of major aero upgrades and they've made a massive difference. Dunno if the impact of engine development is the same but maybe this relates to the performance update in 1.06 where they tweaked each teams car performance to more accurately reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the real world car?
  12. I think it should become a feature. Menu toggle to allow hyper-helicopters. But being serious I can totally see how it could be distracting. Personally I just get a giggle out of it everytime I see it but I don't play online and I can imagine it could be less than idea to have a crazy chopper swooping around when you're in the teeth of a wheel to wheel battle.
  13. 1. PS4 Slim 2. Career only (haven't actually played other modes) 3. I've had it crop up anywhere from 5 mins to an hour or two into playing. The framerate drops for maybe half a second accompanied by screen tearing and then sorts itself. Seems to be pretty random though street circuits with lots of building assets crowded around seem to be more common (though that might just be me noticing it more) 4. No headset 5. No wheel 6. Only have an external HDD plugged in.
  14. I was pretty excited about the whole drivers swapping teams thing in F1 2019, but then I had the first one happen in my career playthrough. Carlos Sainz moved from McLaren to Racing Point, replacing Lance Stroll. This is clearly a serious bug since Stroll could drive his car in reverse all season and not lose his seat. Completely destroyed the immersion. Hopefully will be fixed in the next patch.
  15. PipsAhoy

    Monaco tyre managment program impossible?

    The tyre programs in general are tricky with a pad. the only way I've started to get them consistently is by running a lot less camber and stiffening things up a bit. But if that doesn't gel with the way you drive then yeah, the tyre programs (and Monaco in particular) are probably the hardest ones each round.