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  1. Oaktr33

    Is it me or is the input dying out?

    I wish another company started doing the official F1 games. Codemasters is doing the same mistakes every year. The AI is terrible, just plows through you ignoring that there's an object there. They dont listen to the fans, and I think their time doing F1 games has passed. Just who made the decision, that playing a league with friends didnt need a save between sessions? Even in real life they have practice on Friday, Quali on Saturday and then race on Sunday!
  2. I have this issue with Leagues that I'm not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong, or if it's a bug, or something that was just intended to be this way... I have setup a private League to race with a couple of friends, and I configured it to be on Demand. But if for example, me and my friends only have time do do, let's say practice in Baku, and we're thinking in doing Quali and Race tomorrow or after tomorrow, when we open our League, it will be already in Spain and skipped what was left to do in Baku. Is there any setting that i'm unware of, that i probably missed? or is there going to an update to solve this? Any work around in the meanwhile?
  3. Oaktr33

    2019 lap times v previous years

    Arent the cars still with 2018 numbers? I think I've read it somewhere, that CM is preparing a future update to put the 2019 values.
  4. It's a shame they didnt add an option for Realistic Performance. Me and some friends played in private online championships, and we all have different skills, and being able to choose different car performances, made it more fun to us. These new leagues, that replaced the online championships, could have that option!
  5. Oaktr33


    I just finished Baku with the McLaren. I struggled a lot, but managed 10th place with a faulty gearbox and a damaged turbo charger. I was the slowest car on track on that runway by a good margin. Funny thing, the FP3 was on light rain and i was the fastest by a 3 sec margin! I wished for rain on Quali and Race but wasnt lucky... I believe cars stats are still from 2018 and Codemasters didnt upgraded them yet. But correct me if im wrong.
  6. Oaktr33


    That's probably it. That big straight... McLaren has no power!
  7. Oaktr33


    Yeah, me too! Decided to try a couple days ago the career mode, since the Online Championships were gone. Started with McLaren, AI 80%. All was fine in Australia, Bahrain and China. Scored top places. Now im struggling... Having a hard time getting out of the bottom of the table. And i used to be good online in Baku...
  8. Oaktr33

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I only played the online championships in the last 2 or 3 F1 games. And they're gone! Great! And this new league thing it's not the same thing. Some of the options are gone. Also this thing I noticed with a couple of friends this weekend. We started a new league, we didnt chose schedule, I think we chose on demand or something. We had only time to do practice in Melbourne, because ya know, real life sometimes kicks in. And a couple days later we had a bit of time to do Quali, and the league was already in Bahrain!!! What's going on? If you dont finish the weekend then it's gone? Can these leagues act as the old championship online? Or did I just paid for a game that I wont be playing much?