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  1. Hi Codies, I am a PC player and have the subtitles on when jeff is talking but i can't hear him thought my Wireless headset , my audio is set to main output , i can hear music played thought you tube thought my headset without issue , it was working now its not 😞 Whats causing this ? All files validated OK with steam
  2. Spitfire55

    Can't hear Jeff through Headset

    Any Screnshot on how to do this as i can't locate it ?
  3. Spitfire55

    G29/G27 Setup

    does anyone have a decent setup that there willing to share for logitech gaming software/ F1 2019 ingame settings ?
  4. Spitfire55

    G29/G27 Setup

    Yes LGS setting and F12019 settings please?