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  1. WOW Buy F1 2021 SPECIAL PROMOTION! £37.49 Offer ends 14 September May be tempted to buy for £4.99 after watching that farce
  2. Well these forums do come in handy for seeing how real people judge the game and not the biased game review sites.. After seeing all the negative comments i have been put off buying this years game, maybe get it when the next years game comes out and is dirt cheaper. Having bought 2015 game i vowed never to buy another full priced codemasters game until it had a few patches and was on sale, am so glad i stuck to my principles.
  3. 2020 Game should be a DLC for what little new ideas they come up with at half the price they usually charge....Then with all the spare time they save from copying and pasting old content, Scrap this old and tired concept and start afresh with a new game totally.. Then when they say 2021 game has been in the making for 2 years people might even believe them and hope....
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