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  1. audacious

    Penalty System / AI Mistakes / Incidents

    Speak for yourself about continuing to buy the games, i have stopped
  2. audacious

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    This Game is dying already......can't be that bad for god's sake I am one of those who refuses to buy the game, till after a few patches have been added and to see the reviews from all of you beta testers Well looks like my judgment was right all along, wish a lot of other people on here would wake up and stop buying these copy paste jobs..
  3. Well said Have not had my fingers burnt since f1 2015. Not bought another game from codemasters since i promised myself enough was enough.
  4. audacious

    SC Bug, No AI mistakes

    Been asking for this fix for 3 years....
  5. audacious

    30% Discount already

    Steam sale on F1 2019 already fot those who not bought the game yet
  6. audacious

    Do something different next year.

    Totally agree with everything you said.Still can't fathom why all these bugs and glitches get carried over every year...Well guess i will pass this years game
  7. audacious

    Mouse support on PC

    Totally agree
  8. Until they actually make these games that are PC Compatible i don't know why people bother with them anyway. So i saw that it was 2 years in the making,well i have not played the game but from reviews i have seen all that is noticable from last years game is slightly better graphics and slightly better ai performance
  9. audacious

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    First time i have been back on Forums since 2015 Game crash got released Not trying to be funny here but am amazed people still pre-order F1 games from codemasters knowing they will be in for some nasty surprises But have to admit, split screen co-op championship was the best part of these games.