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  1. audacious

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    Have stuck to my principles and not bought this years game. Will not even get it if it drops to £10, too similar to the last 2 versions. Am amazed they keep charging £45 every year with basically the same game with a few minor updates and still the same bugs. Until they make some really big changes to the game then i refuse to buy into the hype on launch to be left frustrated with the same garbage year on year.
  2. audacious

    F1 2019 - DX12 and HDR still broken?

    How long has this game been out....still investigating the issue.......just wow
  3. audacious

    New Developer Liaison

    Welcome BarryBL I am not a prolific poster on these forums but am one of the many who have lost faith in codemasters F1 series. I have just noticed that my post count has been halved,probably due to them been negative comments.. So i suppose your first job in here is to REMOVE negative comments regarding the endless glitches carried over from game to game. Nothing will ever improve
  4. audacious

    Tutorial Popups

    Just imagine if i had mouse compatible game..4 clicks and done Never that easy on a wheel in codemasters game
  5. audacious

    Safety car is just broke!

    This can't come as a surprise to you Adam. You been on the forums long enough to know they can't fix the SC after all these years
  6. audacious

    DRS zones Germany, Singapore and Mexico

    it won't even make it into 2020 game never mind next patch
  7. audacious

    Aarava's spoken

    20 mins of waffle easier to say this game has finished in it's current format.......Make a new game and NO COPY AND PASTE
  8. Still not bought this game, even when they reduced price on steam. Decided to try other things, been shafted too many times by codies, never again
  9. Looks like my wallet will be staying in my pocket for another 8 years then I remember when F1 2015 was gonna be the jump towards a new era .....am still waiting
  10. audacious

    No decent practice sessions possible with F2 cars

    When have Codies ever listened...
  11. 2020 Game should be a DLC for what little new ideas they come up with at half the price they usually charge....Then with all the spare time they save from copying and pasting old content, Scrap this old and tired concept and start afresh with a new game totally.. Then when they say 2021 game has been in the making for 2 years people might even believe them and hope....
  12. audacious

    Classic Cars for 2020

    Why bother with classic cars when we have no classic tracks This is just another gimmick to sell there games
  13. audacious

    F1 2019 Playing with friends

    Always best to read the forums and reviews before buying the latest F1 game from codemasters... You would find plenty of topics about NOT being able to play with friends in this game.
  14. audacious

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    Not been conned since 2017 Game..NO
  15. audacious

    Career is dead for me...

    WOW your gonna stick to online races you can't have come across the crash test dummies who spoil all the fun online then