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  1. audacious

    this forum is 2019

    Wish people would post the new game bugs in correct forum,then they might get a reply
  2. audacious

    Patch notes? 1.02

    try asking in 2020 forum
  3. audacious

    Mouse Support ?

    Really , Thanks for update I tried to look in 2020 forums but gave up as all the problems reported was giving me headache trying to read em all. Think i better wait about 6 month before i think about buying that game
  4. audacious

    F1 2020

    here we go again folks a, new game gets released and everyone want's to play it now i have only just bought 2019 this week thinking it was fully patched and working only for it to crash every time i exit the game..
  5. audacious

    Mouse Support ?

    Can anyone confirm if codemasters have actually implemented mouse support for PC players in the 2020 game.
  6. audacious

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    Here we go again , same old false promises Not bought last 2 titles through sheer frustration of same old bugs appearing game after game and nothing ever done to rectify them Can it be so hard Codemasters to let me use a mouse on my PC. BTW I dont want to race in cars from years gone by on new circuits , i want some old tracks
  7. audacious

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    Just looked on steam Buy F1 2019 £44.99 Just amazed it is not at least £20 by now
  8. audacious

    F1 2020 game release date

    Is anyone even bothered about this game anymore, in the current climate
  9. audacious

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    Due to the fact that i have given my steering wheel away i reinstalled 2012 game , i was really fast with a pad in them days and to be honest this was the last game from codies i enjoyed, i spent over 1000 hours on the game and had real fun on multiplayer and wow i even still enjoy it now and no damn halo is even better...
  10. audacious

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    Adam So you gave it a go with this years game then...Good to see your comments regarding the handling.. I myself have given up with codies now, but am glad to see that peoples negative comments about 2019 game are ringing true. Have you refunded the game then ? I saw the game reduced on steam but was not tempted.
  11. Nice idea.....but am afraid you must wake up from your dream and realise it will never happen
  12. audacious

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    Have stuck to my principles and not bought this years game. Will not even get it if it drops to £10, too similar to the last 2 versions. Am amazed they keep charging £45 every year with basically the same game with a few minor updates and still the same bugs. Until they make some really big changes to the game then i refuse to buy into the hype on launch to be left frustrated with the same garbage year on year.
  13. audacious

    F1 2019 - DX12 and HDR still broken?

    How long has this game been out....still investigating the issue.......just wow
  14. audacious

    New Developer Liaison

    Welcome BarryBL I am not a prolific poster on these forums but am one of the many who have lost faith in codemasters F1 series. I have just noticed that my post count has been halved,probably due to them been negative comments.. So i suppose your first job in here is to REMOVE negative comments regarding the endless glitches carried over from game to game. Nothing will ever improve
  15. audacious

    Tutorial Popups

    Just imagine if i had mouse compatible game..4 clicks and done Never that easy on a wheel in codemasters game