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  1. audacious

    No decent practice sessions possible with F2 cars

    When have Codies ever listened...
  2. 2020 Game should be a DLC for what little new ideas they come up with at half the price they usually charge....Then with all the spare time they save from copying and pasting old content, Scrap this old and tired concept and start afresh with a new game totally.. Then when they say 2021 game has been in the making for 2 years people might even believe them and hope....
  3. audacious

    Classic Cars for 2020

    Why bother with classic cars when we have no classic tracks This is just another gimmick to sell there games
  4. audacious

    F1 2019 Playing with friends

    Always best to read the forums and reviews before buying the latest F1 game from codemasters... You would find plenty of topics about NOT being able to play with friends in this game.
  5. audacious

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    Not been conned since 2017 Game..NO
  6. audacious

    Career is dead for me...

    WOW your gonna stick to online races you can't have come across the crash test dummies who spoil all the fun online then
  7. audacious

    What is the best way to complain

    When they start the 2020 game with nice looking trailers and youtubers wooping from the rooftops, the fanboys yelping can't wait till it is released and counting the days down Just remember how bad 2019 game is And don't fall for their lies and promises and keep you money...
  8. audacious

    About patch 1.10

    So they release a unfinished game to start with, and may or may not patch some bugs. Ok if that is so, then why should the customers have to pay the full price for a game that has a lifespan of 12 month.
  9. audacious

    About patch 1.10

    There lie's the problem Codemasters never actually fix any F1 games. As soon has a game been released they begin work (copy & paste) on next years title with all the same bugs and glitches, and expect the paying customers to point them out....
  10. audacious

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Just stop buying the games..i myself have not spent money on this game, but i had to laugh when i saw the details for latest patch Was tempted to buy it,but woke up when i hit my head on the floor, when i fell off my chair laughing
  11. audacious

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    Patch 1.10 brings 20 brand new customisation items to the store! Become a BLUR ahead of your rivals with a brand new multiplayer car livery, be edgy and don the SPIKES helmet or head to the stars in a new SCI-FI suit & gloves set! Check out the in-game store for all of the new items and make your rivals green with envy! WOW Still not fixed various bugs.... you have got to be joking
  12. audacious

    About patch 1.10

    Am still waiting for 2015 game to patched...Patience ran out a long time ago
  13. I think codemasters are aware of topics like these,there are a lot about inviting friends to ranked lobbies...But they have your money now. So this is just one of several options they may reconsider for the merry go round release of 2020..
  14. Been asking for mouse support in PC version for years So don't bother asking cos you won't get a reply ps. am so glad i gave this game a miss after reading some of the posts on these forums
  15. audacious

    Penalty System / AI Mistakes / Incidents

    Speak for yourself about continuing to buy the games, i have stopped