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  1. audacious

    this forum is 2019

    Wish people would post the new game bugs in correct forum,then they might get a reply
  2. audacious

    Patch notes? 1.02

    try asking in 2020 forum
  3. audacious

    Mouse Support ?

    Really , Thanks for update I tried to look in 2020 forums but gave up as all the problems reported was giving me headache trying to read em all. Think i better wait about 6 month before i think about buying that game
  4. audacious

    F1 2020

    here we go again folks a, new game gets released and everyone want's to play it now i have only just bought 2019 this week thinking it was fully patched and working only for it to crash every time i exit the game..
  5. audacious

    Mouse Support ?

    Can anyone confirm if codemasters have actually implemented mouse support for PC players in the 2020 game.
  6. audacious

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    Here we go again , same old false promises Not bought last 2 titles through sheer frustration of same old bugs appearing game after game and nothing ever done to rectify them Can it be so hard Codemasters to let me use a mouse on my PC. BTW I dont want to race in cars from years gone by on new circuits , i want some old tracks
  7. 2020 Game should be a DLC for what little new ideas they come up with at half the price they usually charge....Then with all the spare time they save from copying and pasting old content, Scrap this old and tired concept and start afresh with a new game totally.. Then when they say 2021 game has been in the making for 2 years people might even believe them and hope....
  8. I think codemasters are aware of topics like these,there are a lot about inviting friends to ranked lobbies...But they have your money now. So this is just one of several options they may reconsider for the merry go round release of 2020..
  9. audacious

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    First time i have been back on Forums since 2015 Game crash got released Not trying to be funny here but am amazed people still pre-order F1 games from codemasters knowing they will be in for some nasty surprises But have to admit, split screen co-op championship was the best part of these games.