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    Paying to retry?

    I totally disagree. In real racing you don't get to throw the stewards money for a retry. I do agree that unlimited retries takes away a lot of the skill, but this is a money grab, plain and simple, and it makes it pay to win. If they want to make it more realistic, make the retry free, but only give us a limited number (since in real F1 you have 2 or 3 chances to set a fast lap).
  2. spizzlo

    F1 2018 spotter support in Crew Chief

    Yeah, I couldn't help myself lol. I think that is genuinely the first time I've heard somebody knock crew chief. And the project arcade comment in an F1 forum was just too much. I like F1 don't get me wrong but come on.
  3. spizzlo

    F1 2018 spotter support in Crew Chief

    BluntRS dude in real life people can look around to see what's around them. Yes F1 has buttons for look left/right, but real drivers don't have to press a button to do that. Maybe it's not common in F1, but spotters are very common in some motorsports like Indycar. And in sim racing where clean racing is at a premium, crew chief is probably the single best mod ever created. Noob assist? That's funny seeing as many leagues for AC, rF2, etc. encourage people to use it. And the very funniest comment is "project arcade"?!? So F1 is a hardcore sim? LOLOLOLOL that's hilarious...