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  1. Thanks for bringing it back on piste!!  And thanks for input so we are seeing some for the AI but not for the player.  So when I see my engine temp start to go red, I can just ignore it and carry on just like always have before!
  2. I am on PC so I'll be able to get the next gen ones.  Suspect that the license doesnt allow mechanical failures like it doesnt allow crashes, so we can all go on believing that nothing negative ever happens in the world.
  3. I havent yet bought the game (usually get it for Christmas!).  Are there mechanical failures this year?  In the previous 4 games I have only had 1 ever! If so, do they affect AI too?
  4. I havent had a SC at all in 2013, only remember seeing it once in 2011 and never in 2012 either.  I think the problem is that it only takes the marshalls 4 secs to clear even the biggest of smashes!  How often do you hear about a yellow flag in Sector 2 whist you are in Sector 1 and yet it is green by the time you get there?  I think this needs amending for future releases.  i bet it wont be though.
  5. Its a really great idea but it just couldnt happen as Wanorac said its a license issue.  I had an idea that I posted a while back that CM could incorporate all the seasons that they have covered in F1.  So you'd start with say,  HRT in 2010 and try to progrss to Ferrari by 2014.  I was told that the license doesnt allow that either.  I think the main thing holding back the game is FOM themselves not CM.  Why do we have to pretend that F1 cars never break down and remain fully in tack except the front wing when they crash?  We know CM have a good crash model,
  6. Controversial Idea!: As CM have now had the license for 5 years, why not try to make a Career based on all 5 seasons, starting with one of the smaller teams in 2010 and progressing (hopefully!) to bigger team for the 2014 season.  Personally I dont really use career mode due it being the same season repeated, it doesnt really interest me. I have only seen 1 game ever do this (EA Career Challenge) and I loved that game, its was fantastic, knowing that all the tracks/teams/drivers alter slightly each year. A couple of other additions:  Mechanical Failures and realistic damage added wou
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