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  1. Any chance to have an option to toggle off any stage start cut scene making up jump right into the "hold the handbrake" prompt? In the long run these can be a drag. Also the usual Phill's AFTER stage remarks/banter. God bless his heart and work in this title and however you prefer to celebrate his presence, but an option could be alright. Cheers all. 😊
  2. Czar90

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 Bug Reports

    CRITICAL amount of sound bug as of 1.8 rolled out. In between 7 stages I had 6 (six) sound cut off. Workaround (far from ideal doing this mid race/stage): alt tab out of the game and switch windows sound settings like turning on windows sonic and then off or switch around sound output ports and back. If you complete a stage with the sound cut off the next one comes out normally, so as of it is known is a software bug. Storefront: STEAM MotherBoard: MSI Soundcard: onboard Realtek (NEVER in any other application this issue was or is present) GPU: Asus gtx 1060 6gb CPU: i5 4590 3.7ghz (not oc) RAM: 8gb This bug is just ridiculous. Much love for you devs and community managers but man... come on on this one.
  3. Czar90

    Please help!!! Can't control car

    Playing on the pad without assists is perfectly fine, OP. Don't mind the "get a wheel setup", if you can't get the rig. When I played with TC on low, my muscle memory was all for it and made the transition with TC off a pain. It is normal. Probably what's happening is that you're having wheel spin. Let the rear bite first before full throttle. It is a very fine and precise deal. I recommend practicing on time trial. The game doesn't have a true 0/null steering deadzone, with that, unwanted steering input is out of the table unless your analog stick has issues. Out of the corner>shift gears to a mid rpm (because turbo)> feel the rear grip with increasing speed and gradually full throttle. All this happens very quickly and require practice.
  4. AI BUG: Second to last corner in Estering RX circuit, the AI is way too slow (safety car like pace). They are actually faster going on the Joker Lap against themselves. At MAX difficulty the issue is still present. Proof reference (a video I recorded. AI max difficulty): They lose a ton of time on that last part of each lap. GTX 1060 i5 4590 8gb RAM System settings and drivers are irrelevant.
  5. Hi. It is more of a suggestion rather than a bug. It is possible to make the setting of 0 (zero/null) steering dead zone be a true or much closer to zero on pad settings in the likes of DiRT Rally 2.0? Right now F1 2019 have quite a bit of steering deadzone on the pad even with the setting all the way to the left. I recon it got smaller after last big patch, so is something only the devs can adjust on the back end as the setting available to the player is limited to some value quite high. I think making the current minimum dead zone half of what it is now could be great. Cheers.
  6. After every stage, any tune you did to your car is reset when racing in a Clubs championship. You are forced to use the default car tuning in stages without service area making rather dangerous with the car behaving unexpectedly off from your tuned setup. Major bug.
  7. After the rocky launch and some months after DR2.0 release I went to focus on community events and forgot about the career mode for a while. Last few weeks I've been firing up DR2.0 more and more, especially because club events I am doing with some folks in Steam, I've then, decided to resume investing in the career mode. Professional difficulty and having a close battle between 3 AI cars while in 2nd jumping about the positions, Subaru 2007, car handling like a dream with a setup I made for myself. A single rocky "retry connection button event" after 20 stages and all good again after... then the predictable happens. I tried to resume the close quarters combat at the championship with the 2000CC marvels and then "DETECTED DISCREPANCY BETWEEN SAVE FILES WITH THE CLOUD" or some s$#t like that... For what purpose, in any imaginable scenario, does a discrepancy between the cloud saves and the local saves can in any shape delete completely a great ran ongoing championship? If it is to stop cheating, why career mode cheating matters to all anyways? Why your local files, which are 100% reliable or close to it, are not allowed to overwrite the cloud saves... or the cloud saves, even if incomplete, can't overwrite the local saves even if that means you can lose a handful of stages only. There are better design solutions to this.... Make one of the saves a master and let people race. Losing a whole championship is unreal.
  8. Why stop at seasons? ...firstly, CM have a beautiful engine in graphics and physics. Why don't take the SCS Truck simulators route and build upon the current game to...let's say: "infinity"? The tarmac handling is bogged down by the AI modeling, or they would be negatively affected by a change in that area, hence is not about the engine itself. There are work around like developing an exclusive AI for tarmac or an all new AI with money from future "expansions", whatever these guys at CM find fit. (I am no programmer or dev) Let's be honest. No one really wants a DiRT Rally 3/3.0. There is no FIA requiring a new game every year like F1 20XX titles, so why don't enrich the current DR2.0 instead? Make expansions and I will happily buy it, day zero. It will mean, design refinement on overall game, possible meaningful upgrades and most importantly retention of content, which was lackluster at release but enriched with the subsequent seasons. If there are no licenses expiring, which is a major pain in the #ss for everyone. I'd say: go for it.
  9. + 1 on the Shutter Speed. I found out that, if you have terminal damage and at the replay if you have flashbacks (on), the shutter speed effects/rendering works normally. Currently if you want to use the shutter speed effect to create screenshots, firstly you need to terminal damage your car and try at the following replay and only. Screenshot I did today with the shutter speed working, only just while in a replay after terminal damage. This effect currently is bugged when the user would be normally using it (while racing or at a manual replay of a session). I hope a fix soon.