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  1. I haven't had this issue on the latest patch yet (July 24th), but on multiplayer there are constant "communicating with online services" 'top left corner' warnings non stop, even though my connection is good. It happens whilst driving in multiplayer. It also happens during playing the highlights of multiplayer races, plus endless warnings at photomode which makes zero sense.....
  2. Czar90

    Fictional Tracks

    Before jumping towards fictional tracks that has the potential to look off from plausible, there are so many good tracks up to modern era standards that exists but are not in the F1 calendar: - Magny Cours: Out in the middle of nowhere in France that with it brought many problems of logistics either for fans and personal. Incredible track to drive on in a F1 cars with many potential straights for DRS and fantastic feel of speed down the 3rd corner up to double kings towards a heavy braking hairpin. - Imola: Potential candidate to return to F1 being reformed with a huge main straight and a very safe layout. Many chicanes and heavy braking zones with nice elevation changes with that feel of a classic motorsport circuit. - Mugello: F1 race debut in this 2020 season and a fantastic fast paced circuit with an immense main straight. From MotoGP games from way back in late 90s till today, Assetto Corsa and many other racing games, it is a very true to its roots circuit without heavy modernization in its layout still up to par to many technical and sterile circuits today. - Dijon: A classic circuit used by F1 way back in the day with a tight layout and short length. Perfect for short races using the F1 classic cars for multiplayer and events. Fun! - Hockenheim: Despite being modernized in the early 2000s, still was a very fun circuit on last years game and a shame of its removal either from real life season and the F1 game. - Nurburgring GP Layout: Classic circuit from back in the 90s up to early 2010s. Another shameful removal of the regular F1 calendar. - Fuji Speedway: Hosting F1 back in the mid 70s and returning in 2000s before being replaced by Suzuka (which is a favorite), there is tons of great racing potential for modern Fuji Speedway for being such a fun in other racing sims, including Project Cars. - Istanbul Park Circuit: Hosting F1 from mid 2000s up to early 2010s, its layout is very interesting with the fascinating 'turn 8' with 4 or 5 apexes. - Many more other great tracks around the world that hosts great motorsport events like endurance and Motorcycle races like: Jerez Motegi Brand Hatch Kyalami And many more others... Lots and lots of options and great layouts already created by engineers together with mother nature's hills that really kicks the b$#% of any 3D artists with 100% freedom in a computer program. Although, massive respect to those artists, because they are the translators of real life circuits art into virtual circuit art with lots of compromises and very smart poetry into making them run on a domestic computer.
  3. Just happened to me back to back at Hanoi Time Trial. F1 2020 car. Fps seems to drop from 61 'locked' to 15 ish and 3 seconds later crash report window appears. Both times was under purple laps.
  4. Czar90

    Mugello to be raced in 2020

    We all would love new tracks, but we are already in July with such recent news. :c. Maybe resources are soon to be allocated to the next game before FIA has a solid calendar in place so jumping after developing Mugello and Portim√£o is senseless to an extent. I would pay for a DLC for sure if it comes to be the only way. The contract was basically what it was advertised on what the game would be and we bought it on the bases of the content we knew it had. Hanoi + Zandvoort - Hockenheim + My Team + 2020 F1&F2 Cars. Money was given, product was delivered. Expecting a company to deliver unforeseen sports changes beyond any expectations during the game's development is actually expecting the developers to be your friend and throw yearly development schedule out the window just because. The game is about a what it would of been season. If they add the new tracks as free or paid DLC, great. If not, senseless to be angry...
  5. Czar90

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    People without HDR monitors shouldn't be left out. There are much easier ways to portray LEDs without relying on 3rd party hardware.
  6. Czar90

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    I went back and watched some of the 2019 German Grand Prix onboards along with the 2019 Bahrein Grand Prix onboards. You are right...! ...although a fix is maybe a much more complex deal. This is all those function/visuals ratio plus art department interpretation of LED lights problem existing within games/sims. Some video game art interprets LED lights or neon as a solid flat given color which is not the case in practicality to human eyes and cameras. Strong LEDs tend to have a brighter core towards white. Here is footage from F1 2019 taken recently I just uploaded to post here. And then a photography of real life. The issue comes from the art department. Some games indeed get LED right, with a very bright core and a fair amount of bloom. I'd say the effect could be increased also on the bottom LED grouping and enhancements on the blinking frequency as sometimes the lights blinks on a pattern. To be honest, minor, very minor issue that if fixed, can enhance the experience quite a bit! About F1 2020: I have not seen any light blink at any time. Which was a bug also on F1 2019 pre release if my memory is accurate. No lights whatsoever. I will post here if anything is changed after my next play session at F1 2020.
  7. Czar90

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    One more rear wing lights, from Multiplayer. You might want to check your game files... (F1 2019) I got nothing on F1 2020 yesterday while playing. Neither from the bottom square light, nor the upper ones.
  8. Czar90

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    Yeah, no lights in F1 2020 for me yesterday. Only noticed after watching a recording of a race I did just now that you've mentioned. "They were never fixed in F1 2019 either..." F1 2019 the upper rear wing lights are 100% operational, though.
  9. Czar90

    AI in game

    I had lots of AI tail waging down stints, locking up, going wide plus wheel to wheel racing got better. AI at 95 here. Can be luck related too. Last race I did everyone on the grid was pretty consistent, but the previous race lots of good mayhem.
  10. Czar90


    Bottom line: Their car, their cash investment, their choice. Ferrari's black nose at Monza 2001 didn't ended terrorism either, but whatever makes the team united for a cause and show sympathy for tragedy struck people is worth it. If they feel good, good. It is visual communication and expression. Off from the nonsense: Black seems to fit very well to F1 cars throughout history..., and underused (temperature perhaps). Minardi 2001 was fire! Stoked to see the black mercedes at the game, the silver was becoming stale tbh.
  11. Any chance to have an option to toggle off any stage start cut scene making up jump right into the "hold the handbrake" prompt? In the long run these can be a drag. Also the usual Phill's AFTER stage remarks/banter. God bless his heart and work in this title and however you prefer to celebrate his presence, but an option could be alright. Cheers all. ūüėä
  12. CRITICAL amount of sound bug as of 1.8 rolled out. In between 7 stages I had 6 (six) sound cut off. Workaround (far from ideal doing this mid race/stage): alt tab out of the game and switch windows sound settings like turning on windows sonic and then off or switch around sound output ports and back. If you complete a stage with the sound cut off the next one comes out normally, so as of it is known is a software bug. Storefront: STEAM MotherBoard: MSI Soundcard: onboard Realtek (NEVER in any other application this issue was or is present) GPU: Asus gtx 1060 6gb CPU: i5 4590 3.7ghz (not oc) RAM: 8gb This bug is just ridiculous. Much love for you devs and community managers but man... come on on this one.
  13. Czar90

    Please help!!! Can't control car

    Playing on the pad without assists is perfectly fine, OP. Don't mind the "get a wheel setup", if you can't get the rig. When I played with TC on low, my muscle memory was all for it and made the transition with TC off a pain. It is normal. Probably what's happening is that you're having wheel spin. Let the rear bite first before full throttle. It is a very fine and precise deal. I recommend practicing on time trial. The game doesn't have a true 0/null steering deadzone, with that, unwanted steering input is out of the table unless your analog stick has issues. Out of the corner>shift gears to a mid rpm (because turbo)> feel the rear grip with increasing speed and gradually full throttle. All this happens very quickly and require practice.
  14. AI BUG: Second to last corner in Estering RX circuit, the AI is way too slow (safety car like pace). They are actually faster going on the Joker Lap against themselves. At MAX difficulty the issue is still present. Proof reference (a video I recorded. AI max difficulty): They lose a ton of time on that last part of each lap. GTX 1060 i5 4590 8gb RAM System settings and drivers are irrelevant.
  15. Hi. It is more of a suggestion rather than a bug. It is possible to make the setting of 0 (zero/null) steering dead zone be a true or much closer to zero on pad settings in the likes of DiRT Rally 2.0? Right now F1 2019 have quite a bit of steering deadzone on the pad even with the setting all the way to the left. I recon it got smaller after last big patch, so is something only the devs can adjust on the back end as the setting available to the player is limited to some value quite high. I think making the current minimum dead zone half of what it is now could be great. Cheers.