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  1. callumgarton

    Game crash

    Yeah same like the game was working fine then a couple of hour later t just did not work once you get to the title menu, I’ve reinstalled 3 times deleted my save game data in case it was corrupted, still no joy, it’s really annoying because not heard a single peep from Codemasters about the issue!
  2. Please can a coddies rep, give me some advice on what to do with my game, I have a digital download copy of f1 2019 for the Xbox one x, after patch 1.05 the game is working fine however now I cant even start the game and will not go past the title screen, I have tried all troubleshooting options and the issue still persists I need to know if this is a known issue? Is it a bug? When will it be fixed? Before I start asking Xbox support for a refund. all of my other digital copies of games I have purchased work fine.
  3. callumgarton

    Game crash

    Anyone else having the same issue where you boot the game up and when you press start on the title screen the game crashes and dashboards. xbox one x, 4K HDR on. Update: re installed the game completely, tried different resolutions and still does not work the game will not go past the title screen. similar bug to PC version.
  4. callumgarton

    Liquid black screen bug

    This liquid screen affect happened during a career mode race one the Xbox one x. version 1.03 Please see attached file/video IMG_0984.mp4