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  1. One of the cars hits mine during the start, and it's been a long time, because F1 2019 is more aggressive than F1 2018. F1 2019 AI in offline mode is more aggressive, including very often one of the cars hits mine, takes my car off the track at the start, following the course of the start naturally, and even sends a warning: "You caused a collision com ... "This is very annoying. I have already sent screenshots and videos to the Steam forum, knowing that there is a member of the Codemaster developer team there. I don't know why my screenshots and videos are deleted from the Steam forum. After months I decided to post here for Codemaster to fix this annoying problem. If F1 2020 continues with these problems I will not buy the Codemaster F1 anymore. Please, Codemaster fix this problem.
  2. Isulu98, I sent you a reply on the Steam Forum. Go there. Then I will also post here in the Codemaster Forum. I'm waiting for a response from Codemaster by email.
  3. Hi RSDriver7620 as it is. I have read several reports on Steam about the case I cited, and now there is one more that is you. It seems that Codemaster took Directx 11 out of Multiplayer mode without Dx 12 reaching 100% efficiency of Dx 11. And it only has a month of release. If the problem persists without the Dx 12 achieving gameplay efficiency in sharp turns, many may be afraid to buy F1 2020, including me and my private friends here from Brazil. Thank you very much for expressing too.
  4. I can't play F1 2019 PC in Multiplayer Ranking mode, the system says I got kicked out for cheating. Cheat on what? I do not understand. I don't use any means to cheat. Codemaster check this, please. I bought the F1 2019 PC via Steam in the pre release. And I still use DirectX 11. I am using the FXSound Enhancer application on my Windows 10 2019 PC with headset, because I don't have good hearing, and the speaker pair I used is bad and I bought a new pair. So the F1 2019 PC understands that cheating. I turned off the PC and the same problem continues. No problem with connecting to my 50 Meg Net, and I tested to confirm. I found that I am being prevented from playing in Multiplayer with Ranking mode and also in other Multiplayer modalides for the same reason mentioned above. I try to be very careful to avoid crashing into other cars, except when I'm thrown off the track and lose control of the car and end up crashing into other cars involuntarily. I often prefer to hit the sand than hit another car when I lose track during a race. Most of the time in a 5 lap Online race and when I am not ranked in the top two I prefer to be the last to start the race. I really don't understand why the F1 2019 PC system is stopping me from running in Multiplayer mode, even in a league I created. Is it just because I'm playing with Directx 11? Dx11 is running a lot better than Dx 12, at least on my PC. I am very frustrated with all this happening. And I still don't know why, because I'm not really cheating, not even with any application or whatever.