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  1. I have same issues. In general the graphics are so bad and low FPS / wheel glitch / delay inputs makes this game completely unplayable on xbox.
  2. They're releasing same game for years, with new layered relevent data for that year's title. All the bugs and glitches are transferred from one game to the other, some of them making return after years of absence. F1 2021 is the legacy of CMs decade long lazy programming, incompetent staff and indifference towards their audience. Complacency is what happens, when you're given monopolistic control over the game by F1, with no competition in sight and no consequences for mistakes. Greed driven, maximised for profit, these people also decided that is acceptable to release unfinished game and
  3. Guys I have same issue with graphics in gameplay and in replays, plus another 495 issues with this game. They seem to completely ignore any reports about this. I doubt they will fix this
  4. Yes, looks like we have same problem.mate. Block pixels for track limit white lines, very low trackside object graphics. Very hard to focus driving when you have graphics from the 90s. And captured videos doesn't do justice like you said. I have 4k TV and other games works perfectly fine.
  5. Another day, same problems, new code. Same issues with low graphics, fps drop, flickering screen, stuttering wheel animation, blurry replays, delayed wheel inputs, unable to join online sessions, fading/disappearing ffb on thrustmaster tx servo, etc etc.... Report code: MXPG-PCCX-GJEA-GDEG Xbox one S All game modes I'm really ready to give up on this game, no joy, just frustration. at least would be nice to know that you looking into this, instead of deafening silence to all my posts.
  6. Stuttering screen, blurry/low graphics of trackside objects, pixelated white track limit lines, stuttering/delayed wheel animation in cockpit cam affecting wheel inputs (delayed response/ car turns heavily with minimum wheel rotation. Big FPS drop online with full 20 player grid. GRAP-MPCJ-VSJE-GMEG Xbox One S Grand prix, online, time trial (I don't play any other modes) [ONLINE] up to 20 player online league race. [ONLINE] I wasn't a host I tried these solutions: Played with alternate account, reinstalled the game, changed in-game graphics settings adjustm
  7. Hi Codemasters So, I don't play off-line features, career or breaking point. I am online league racer and that's all I'm interested in. So here's the list of issues: 1. Massive FPS drop online. It's so bad it's unplayable 2. Wheel animation in cockpit cam is lagging that leads to wheel turning 90 degrees on slight movement. Completely unplayable 3. Setups and general car responsiveness differ from TT, online practice and race so badly and unexplainably that is basically unplayable 4. FFB fading or disappearing for no reason, makes it unplayable 5. Graphics ar
  8. I already mentioned to them this last week. No response, meaning no fix, meaning they don't care.
  9. Same issue here. Basically online is dead on this game. I can't get my head around how can you release a game with such enormous amount of bugs and errors?! Shocking
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