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  1. Fw189

    Weber the bullet

    Weber is just too good in career mode. He can get 5th with a ******* mclaren in qualifying while I can go 10th. He's just so ******* good.
  2. Fw189

    Aletory penalty

    It has happened to me several times that the game gives me aletory 5 seconds penalty (I know it's realistic in some cases but i dont line it).
  3. I have noticed that when you do a complete qualifying and 25% race, during the race gives you used set of tires even if you reserved new sets during qualifying. This is just ridicolous and frustrating. At one race, the game gave me a 50% set of tires while the AI had a new and shiny set, obviusly, in the race I couldn't do a ****. Please dear Codemasters, fix it, this bug takes away the desire to play.
  4. Since the fist day I have been playing F1 2019, I have noticed that there is a lot of understeer. The physics in this game are just ridicolous, corners that in real life are done flat out (like turn 8 at Spain or turn 9 at Austria) i have to brake even with maximum downforce. Please codies fix it.