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  1. I was referring to the way people speak to the devs on here sometimes .
  2. This is a great patch . Keep up the great work . Ignore the haters .
  3. DEVS - Maybe this is caused by players not pressing advance ? I'm not sure .
  4. Game Crashes after alot of online sessions in ranked long / short or create a lobby SMMR EMGV ADSG BASC PS5 Ranked Long / Short + Invite Lobby's with friends ( All Multiplayer ) All different tracks Between 2 and 9 ( However many join ) I have been and have also not been the host Reset ps5 , Reset Game , Tired all online multiplayer modes Try joining / racing a few yourself. Easily repeated within 30 mins. Join a Multiplayer session . Ranked or create a lobby . Have a race , maybe 2/3 races , after the loading screen when it loads to the next
  5. Come on guys . Please fix the this game has crashed on ps5 after most races on ranked . Its so annoying .
  6. I had a transition race today wets to dry and it was brilliant. DRS enabled and Go in a puddle and the cars unstable . It was brilliant compared to last years transition . More immersing
  7. I just want voice control for Jeff lol
  8. And a nice shiny generic trophy 🏆😊
  9. Ahh I get you . It says 7500 coins for VIP when really it ahould say 7500 + 2500 . Bit of a marketing error there I thinks for people who don't go on forums
  10. And for those who dont want to play extra events? Is there any other way
  11. Last year guys you bought it once and got enough coins if completed to buy the next . Am I right thinking you can only earn up to 7500 coins in a VIP pass now which means you have to also buy more coins for the next ? As its 9000 to buy
  12. TRJoey

    Time Trial

    Hi guys , may sound like a silly question but is realistic performance better on time trial ( with what car ? ) or is equal performance generally faster than the realistic performance on the cars ?
  13. I'd happily pay £3.99 to race on turkey again 🤣
  14. It may do next year when ea have their feet over the door
  15. Love the return of the Non F1 car computer A.I greats but am I the only one who think Sophie levasseur is an absolute dive bombing nut job on the game 🤣
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