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  1. Is this soemthing that could be implemented @BarryBL ?
  2. Hi guys , I had a thought - it would brilliant for the odd Pit stop to be messed up with a wheel nut not tightening etc so it results in a 4 / 8 seconds stop like real life. Obviously not all the time just very random . It could be toned down / up dependent on race length . I wouldn't mind being a victim of it myself as it would add immersion to my 2 player Career mode
  3. Maybe just a case of upgrading the car in the right departments as @ScaredDucksaid
  4. Don't be so negative . The time it takes to make tracks with such a small team as codemasters are . Now with ea on board they have a bit more man power then this is something you should be happy about. You would be complaining if they had them at launch and you wanted Turkey etc etc .
  5. The team has gone above and beyond this year. Great job for the whole game .
  6. Oh yeah I get what your saying its just reading the post he was told countless times and asked again / again etc. Good reply though:-)
  7. Lol , On a serioud note.. After reading this post- the guy clearly doesn't listen to anybody responses. Save your breath replying
  8. Me and Jeff have been through thick and thin ... also like yourself but when my car ran out of fuel at Bahrain due to reasons I won't go into - he said to me " Come on now , don't let those guys get away , we need to catch and overtake them" I knew it was the beginning of the end for me and Jeff
  9. It's not about what you have to say to these hard working devs . It's how you say it . That last bit , you need to work on .
  10. I had exact same issue at Bahrain but not any other track with the same thing I've done since game has been out . Gotta be a bug . No matter what I did to save , coasting etc blah blah it ate the fuel on the straights more than I could save . Even going slower - losing 1 second on the straight didn't help for obvious reasons . Ps. This was with a very high maxed out red bull season 2 which had most of the fuel upgrades .
  11. So when is it best start saving points etc . Half way through to spend season 2 ? And if I kept my points for season 2 do they transfer across if I join another team ?
  12. In 2 player career is there regulation changes to certain departments like my team career ??
  13. DEVS - Maybe this is caused by players not pressing advance ? I'm not sure .
  14. Game Crashes after alot of online sessions in ranked long / short or create a lobby SMMR EMGV ADSG BASC PS5 Ranked Long / Short + Invite Lobby's with friends ( All Multiplayer ) All different tracks Between 2 and 9 ( However many join ) I have been and have also not been the host Reset ps5 , Reset Game , Tired all online multiplayer modes Try joining / racing a few yourself. Easily repeated within 30 mins. Join a Multiplayer session . Ranked or create a lobby . Have a race , maybe 2/3 races , after the loading screen when it loads to the next
  15. Come on guys . Please fix the this game has crashed on ps5 after most races on ranked . Its so annoying .
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