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  1. Port the f1 cars ( Exact replications on mechanics ) into Gta online . Imagine that racing round that map . Obvs a dlc 3.99 per car type thing for the money hungry side of things. You could load in wotb your mates and disable the AI cars so yoir free to race where you want . Drag races along the fairground section 🙂 all kinds would be possible from a simple dlc of cars to gta online.
  2. Didn't take long for the "positivity" to dwindle 🤣
  3. The current f1 games are more like arcade than sim tho so I'm hopeful for a great series to develop. I dont want EA to change the style personally. Maybe a different engine or a better net code. Its interesting and we wouldn't like a see any difference until at least 2022
  4. A working Ranked lobby with divisions like in fifa . that is my main game mode for F1 and I've been sad for years its been a washout from codmeasters implementing it poorly what else would you guys like to see from EA ? Positive only .
  5. Not a chance. Ea are money making hungry wolves . But they do make good games . This deal can only be a good thing , codemasters just were not big enough unfortunately for an official licenced game . Although they have improved this deal will make the franchise gameplay better . Im sure of ( opinion)
  6. See there mate. I made a small vid. Its real smooth now when racing . I like it better in performance mode so the fps is more stable . This is my testing for most the other games . Not sure if there's a difference for f1 on performance or resolution mode
  7. I have made a short video for f1 2020 on the ps5 In console performance mode. Its great and works with ps4 users
  8. Im Wondering if codemasters is still going to make the game in the current format it does or will take two want an overhaul to the system and therefore will codemasters create a different style game to what we are used to ? A bit like when codemasters changed the style from when sony made it .
  9. After a before mid oct promise .. 🤣
  10. Lap 29 of 32 in a Race and Jeff says ... "Expect some light Rain in about 15 Minutes " Is that so we don't slip going up to the podium jeff ?
  11. Why don't all the haters get together and programme a game of this standard and see how it fares ? Give them a break
  12. It Didn't take them long to get BLM content in
  13. totally understand what everyone is saying. Its only a question for codemasters . No one wants a slanging match on what the cost is . The old tracks like Turkey/germany have already been in the game before. Id be happy with any track as you will never please everyone.
  14. Minecraft theme for season 4?
  15. I guess you have some good points here. The items for me are whacky crazed , acid induced designs and I was really hoping for better content especially now its a micro transaction model .
  16. I clearly stated 21 in my very first post , people are just not very good at reading properly sometimes and jump down your throat whilst not using common sense
  17. but you do earn enough poimts to buy the next one "I believe ?"
  18. I'm sure if it made them 10 quid every download x thousands / 100s of thousands of people downloading it. It may be worth the time
  19. I'm saying about 2021 version . It was a No for this years game 😉
  20. just wondered @BarryBL if codemasters are looking to plan introducing extra tracks from 2021 realistically as a DLC ? places like mugello / Germany / Portugal? If they are not in the official calender. Id happily pay 4.99 for three tracks . Anyone else got any ideas ?
  21. What do you guys think of season 2 ?
  22. The safety rating is affected even if you run wide and get track limit warnings or corner cutting penalties etc so there could be some really clean c drivers out there but they are not able to race higher up. Maybe if codemasters make the CRASH only incidents affect the safety ratings then that would solve the lobbie issues i bet, or at least it would improve it . The corner cutting and track penalties are the consequences for that so let that not affect safety ratings. Any thoughts @BarryBL
  23. Several times I've asked @BarryBL to update us on it but nothing I just would love something as I loved ranked but then the S came and I had to crash etc to go down ratings jst to find lobbies
  24. Good idea . Can @BarryBL give us some info on this topic?
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