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  1. @Faya is it possible to know about future patches before hand , to gain some excitement for the community please ? Little or big ... I'm sure we would love what you guys are working on ...
  2. TRJoey

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I think it's so random with everybody. My experience with it is rubbish and when I do see it it's too short to make a difference to strategy, as I previously mentioned 2 laps then went in after me having to overtake it .
  3. TRJoey

    Black Flag

    All the game needs is to be coded better to "see" these bad drivers and put them all in there own little destruction derby style lobby. The licence system I mean ... needs to be changed to be more accurate. Then little Dennis can race against little Frank and little Damien and do what the hell they like
  4. I would love to have 1.04 a.i back as seen below so much better racing from them. There not bad now . Just better on 1.04 and will you be tweaking them ? @Faya
  5. Hiya @Faya is the tyre wear going to be fixed in future patches?
  6. TRJoey

    Error Code Cp7 Glitch at Russia

    @Faya have you come across this before? Thank you
  7. Hi guys . First race is sunday at 8.05 - short quali and 50% races on ps4 ! 1 race each week from the calender , Please find league on f1 game and I have to accept invitations if interested! Thanks !
  8. Just wanted to say the A.I have gone even more backwards now than before 1.05 . They are more clumsy and it seems the balance of great attacking moves and defending has been compromised. Please change back A.I to 1.04
  9. TRJoey

    A.I have gone backwards 1.05

    I was behind few cars in in a race . Went round the outside and Hulkenberg got scared of an overtake from my mate and slammed on the brakes and darted right into me , absolute stupid and ruined my race . Not seen that before this patch. It was like he was swerving away from police spikes on the track . France 90 A.I
  10. TRJoey

    Is anyone really enjoying THIS?

    It's not worse than 18 . It's one of the better games in a few years actually . Alot less bugs than last year and they are working on these . Good one codemasters
  11. TRJoey

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I really really want the safety car to be fixed . Great game so far @Faya
  12. TRJoey

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I had it the other day where I was in Japan, SC car came out , I got spun out lost my front wing and crawled round to the pits . Caught the safety car up end of its first lap then it said ... please overtake the SC and go round again , by the end of the next lap it was in the pits and I was still 15 seconds behind the pack . Absolute pointless SC ... 2 laps then gone .
  13. Anybody else agree that codemasters have nailed the crash system in this years game ? ! Thanks for the support guys if you like it . Please discuss away on the topic
  14. TRJoey

    Have Codemasters nailed the Crashes ??

    I think it's the current state of the licence system tbh lol . And those 😂kerbs !
  15. Purely for a laugh guys. Try get your girlfriend doing time trials . Its hilarious 😂
  16. TRJoey

    Girlfriend attempts time trials 😂

    Ha yeah it does .
  17. TRJoey

    Girlfriend attempts time trials 😂

    Yeah of course . I only find it hilarious due to the experience of myself for 10 years playing f1 games lol . But yeah it was a good effort
  18. Made a short vid using just red soft tyres and different fuel ers setting to see %per lap tyre wear at Silverstone. They can actually go full race distance at Silverstone. Anyone else have tyre wear issues at other tracks ?https://youtu.be/yb0u3Y30G-c
  19. TRJoey

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    Agreed , they should sort this out . 25% races I'm now genuinely not bothered if lap 2/3 Austria I come in for softs and have to drive the race . I may not win but at least I won't be afraid of blown tyres .
  20. TRJoey

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    Oh I know it's faster pitting. The whole point of the vid was purely for tyre wear % per lap on the softs. Last years game there was more % per lap
  21. TRJoey

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    Yeah I can make more vids pal. I mean , the only issue , like you say is the fact of tyre wear for race only . Nothing to with other practice sessions or quali . Its unrealistic that softs are on 70% going into the final lap of the race when others have mentioned 10% per lap etc. It will probably differ between race tracks but least I know now that I dont really have to worry about tyres going off , regardless of what compound it is . It does need to be changed for sure . Look at the race yesterday. 2 pit stops with mediums, mediums and softs for bottas ( 3 sets of tyres but on the game I could of done it on 1 red soft tyre and for the sake of others with quali usage, I could of used set of softs for 1 lap and 1 set of mediums for the rest 😂 . That's the tyre wear difference to real life comparable to the game .
  22. TRJoey

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    Ha . I was surprised at how long these softs lasted .
  23. TRJoey

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    This is a great idea with red zones but also the SC does 2 laps and in. It's stupid. Sometimes it should be 3 or 4 laps
  24. TRJoey

    Ps4 DRIVERS NEEDED UK league races Sunday 8pm

    Mics essential and also clean drivers please